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Wealthy, influential Anglo-Europeans develop plan to rule foreign countries. From Marginal Revolution.

Comments are just getting cranked up as of 8:30 a.m. Hilarity ensuing.

The Anti-Gnostic August 13, 2017 at 8:16 am
“The first thing that you are missing (probably because you never lived in poor and dangerous countries) is that walls matter, this is why rich people tend to live in closed communities. Crime hits the poor much more than the rich. I move around with an armoured car and two bodyguards: not being a narco, I am afraid only of police, not assault by usual criminals.” [Emphasis added].

Wait, what?! I am repeatedly assured by many wealthy, intelligent people that walls don’t work!

I can see where this whole “wall” thing might catch on. Like-minded people, many of whom aren’t individually wealthy enough to afford a gated community, two bodyguards, and an armored car, could pool their resources and pay some agency to build a wall, say, a “Border” and hire some guys, say, a “Border Patrol” to keep out all the people who can out-thug, out-breed and out-vote them and take their stuff.

It’s like, you either have a single public wall for your community of culturally-similar people who trust each other, or you have hundreds of private walls reserved for those wealthy enough to afford them. Intriguing.


ia said…
"A place with walls, where the residents are screened by a private landlord, that can kick troublemakers away whenever he thinks their presence is making his Zede less attractive to his customers (the 500$ family, customer for once, not simply citizen-cattle), would be considered a paradise."

He wants to use the poor non-whites as a shield. That's what liberal gentrifiers in DC do but when the blacks took over Metrorail they made it expensive and impossible for whites to get to their jobs because they wrecked the system. Ridership is going down and even politicians have said Metrorail is in a death spiral. They can't fire the blacks because racism.

He seems to be saying the Zede will function as a business or dictatorship, I guess. But he's very worried about white supremacy and racism. So, how's he going to fire non-whites who accuse him of being racist? Can they form unions? The local Metrorail union is about 100% black and are playing the race card. He'd have to bribe the host country's political class to avoid legal problems, it seems, which dosen't sound very paradisical.