In case you were wondering if the Age of Ideas is over,

It's over.

I'll just let Steve Sailer carry the ball on this one:

From the NYT’s new columnist Bret Stephens formerly of the WSJ and Jerusalem Post.

Only Mass Deportation Can Save America

Bret Stephens JUNE 16, 2017

In the matter of immigration, mark this conservative columnist down as strongly pro-deportation. The United States has too many people who don’t work hard, don’t believe in God, don’t contribute much to society and don’t appreciate the greatness of the American system.

They need to return whence they came.

I speak of Americans whose families have been in this country for a few generations. Complacent, entitled and often shockingly ignorant on basic points of American law and history, they are the stagnant pool in which our national prospects risk drowning.

On point after point, America’s nonimmigrants are failing our country. Crime? A study by the Cato Institute notes that nonimmigrants are incarcerated at nearly twice the rate of illegal immigrants, and at more than three times the rate of legal ones.

Okay, so you want to deport African Americans. Got it. …

Because I’m the child of immigrants and grew up abroad, I have always thought of the United States as a country that belongs first to its newcomers
In other words, if your ancestors started arriving as slaves in 1619, American doesn’t belong to you in Bret Stephens way of thinking.

— the people who strain hardest to become a part of it because they realize that it’s precious; and who do the most to remake it so that our ideas, and our appeal, may stay fresh.

That used to be a cliché, but in the Age of Trump it needs to be explained all over again. We’re a country of immigrants — by and for them, too. Americans who don’t get it should get out.

I’m sure Bret wrote lots of editorials when he was editor of the Jerusalem Post about how Israel needs lots of non-Jewish immigrants. Right?


A little context on Stephens:
Stephens was born in New York City,[3] the son of Xenia and Charles J. Stephens, a former vice president of General Products, a chemical company in Mexico.[4][5] His parents were both secular Jews. His paternal grandfather had changed the family surname from Ehrlich to Stephens (after poet James Stephens).[6]

How does one reconcile these competing worldviews? Is the middle ground we only deport 25% of native-born Americans?

According to Stephens' crazed vision, America is and must always be a nation of immigrants, and must never be allowed to become a nation of natives. Thus the categorical imperative to import evermore remote, exotic future-Americans to whom we can bequeath our birthrights.

Stephens' absolutist view leaves no room for debate: it really all boils down to Who gets to live Where and Run things.

The Age of Ideas is over. The great Glubb Pasha saw it all coming.


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Can we deport him First?