Housekeeping, and sad news about Bob Wallace

A few changes to the blogroll:

Happy Acres' Tumblr account got yanked for hate. Apparently the musings of a married, retired software engineer with two kids living near Lake Tahoe are dangerous! Follow this despicable thoughtcriminal on Twitter.

The Anarcho-Monarchist has been silent for a long time and locked up his content.

Radish has not posted in a while. I hope he's okay and I'm leaving him up for now. He last posted on Twitter on March 1 of this year.

Per the comments, Bob Wallace at Uncle Bob's Treehouse passed away unexpectedly this Spring. He used to post articles at before getting banned for hatespeech. He seemed to have lived a pretty hardscrabble life in the Midwest, driving a taxi and working for a newspaper. Judging from his commentary, he despised newspaper work and the broken people doing it. It's a zombie-industry at this point, which is probably why he left it and started posting on the internet. He was apparently just doing menial work in warehouses toward the end. That sort of life-arc is hard on reflective people and I hope he was at peace. God rest his soul. No spouse, no children. He was 60 years old.

Finally, a voice from the past has resurfaced. Please visit Generic Views. He needs to retire from the Department of Defense so he can really let loose. I've referred to him before as one of the few people who grasps that international law is the law of sovereigns, not citizens.

I'd like to have a news site in the blogroll but I'm not sure actual news reporting exists any more. The sites are full of misleading headlines, content by incurious people who don't know how to ask a question, and irritating click-bait.


Anonymous said…
I read somewhere recently (don't recall where it was) that Bob Wallace had died unexpectedly.
Only in his fifties.
Bert said…

I'm sorry that he died but honestly I thought he was an idiot. A broken old man who's life was colored by his complete failure with women. he no different than the feminists he railed on about.
Anonymous said…
Bob Wallace died unfortunately. Some readers have the details in comments of his last post.
Jean-Luc Cougar said…
Unfortunately Bob Wallace passed away a month or two ago.
Sorry to hear that! God rest his soul. Sounds like he had a pretty hardscrabble life.
Name Withheld said…
I enjoyed his blog. I though his posts on Monsters were particularly good.
Bob's thesis of Monsters as harbingers, omens or portents is linked in this post: