"America's Yeltsin Era..."

Steve Sailer observes that American life expectancies are dropping. Ilana Mercer touches on the same theme here: The Curious Case of America's Waning Whites.

The immediate causes appear to be obesity, car wrecks (likely more distraction from electronic devices), and drug overdoses. There is probably also a blip from black men shooting each other. Of course, we are also importing more impoverished and dysfunctional humans.

How can this be, in a time of endless cheap calories, cheap credit, and cheap entertainment? Obviously, the spiritual nourishment is missing, in the absence of which you're just working to have enough money to pay taxes and buy food and housing so you can rest up and eat to work to make the money to pay the taxes, etc.. Disposable income is spent on entertainment, psychotropic drugs, booze, and the ersatz tribalism of sporting events. Some will save for the future, most won't. People were meant to do something other than merely exist, but their metaphysics and their heroic legends have been taken from them. Anglo-Americans, among others, have chosen atheism or rootless Protestantism, secular democracy, and the marketplace over things like tradition, family, nation, and it is coming back to bite them.

I have a lot of immigrant acquaintances, and my perception is that one of the greatest gulfs between them and me is who our heroes are. The American mythos–characters like Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, the Last of the Mohicans, and actual men like Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett–is being scrubbed from the culture to make the new arrivals more comfortable. It is being replaced with people like Rosa Parks and St. Martin of Atlanta (because, of course, recorded history did not actually start until 1965). The Pakistani who set foot on the tarmac thirty minutes ago must be assured that he is every bit as American as somebody whose family came ashore with John Wesley; nay, since we’re a Nation Of Immigrants, even more American due to his greater immigrant-ness! Founding stock Americans are becoming a people without a past and, as they are endlessly screamed at, no future. Hopefully Trump buys us some political and cultural space before the post-Modern Future arrives in earnest.


Anonymous said…
Great post! Very inspirational!
lannes said…
We can thank Teddy Kennedy of sorry memory. Apres lui, le deluge.
Anonymous said…
I wrote about this in relation to Marco Rubio:

His Cuban heritage was the least of his problems, and it would not have been a demerit if he had authentic, nationalist positions. But he also does this thing that is extremely annoying. He tells his personal story by focusing on his immigrant parents, and imagines the best American story is the immigration story, as if legacy Americans that fought at Antietam and on Omaha Beach are somehow less American than newcomers, and, further, as if America can only be its best self if it’s constantly erasing and reinventing itself Etch-a-Sketch style. People that want the basic contours of the nation to remain the same–that is to say, people who want to conserve the nation–are somehow treated as less American than the newcomers in this revolutionary view of immigration as the defining characteristic of America.
daleaf47 said…
John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) was real, he is buried behind the coliseum in Ft. Wayne, IN.