"It was fun while it lasted"

From the Z Man:
I’ll head off to vote for the last time in my life tomorrow and I will vote for Trump, even though he has no chance to win my state. It will be the last time we have a chance to vote for someone that is not a nut or a grifter. If Clinton wins, she will amnesty 50 million foreign peasants, creating something close to a one party nation as a result. America will rocket along toward becoming Brazil, if we’re lucky. The crazy bitch could very well start a war with Russia or the Chinese and that could finish us all off.

It was fun while it lasted.
I actually hadn't voted since 1996 when contemplating the choice between old fossil Bob Dole (and his repugnant wife, Nurse Ratched) and Slick Willie, who actually ended up governing as a centrist thanks to a hostile, activist Republican Congress. But in the current year, I registered to vote, and voted for Trump in the Republican primary for reasons I've previously expounded. Trump is the last stand: political and cultural breathing space for America's founding stock, who are the only people who give a shit about things like limited government and property rights.

I started this blog in May 2009 after converting to Orthodox Christianity, and ever since I have been fascinated by the parallels between Orthodoxy and the American State: vibrant institutions with stellar credentials, now struggling to interpret their own founding charters and define themselves in the present milieu. America: a Proposition country, now filling up with Tribal peoples, unable to concede that in fact all men are not created equal. Orthodoxy: awkwardly backflipping around its clearly nationalistic tendencies, even as its growth is concentrated in the Anglosphere's secular democratic States.

Most Americans, like most Orthodox, seem unable to comprehend that the world has changed and the analytical tools they used to understand the world no longer apply. America is no longer a cozy redoubt of English settlers steeped in Blackstone, Locke, and Hume with limitless frontier to the West. Orthodoxy is no longer the binding creed of multicultural Empire, presided over by a despotic Emperor endowed with the Mandate of Heaven.

We are all in uncharted territory. Happily, over the past few months, I am in contact with more people--young, male--who perceive the same problem: things are no longer as they were, and where do we go from here.

John Coffman
Dean Abbot
Mark Citadel

That unprecedented episode in human rule popularly titled the Age Of Reason is drawing to a close, and something is going to replace it, and it could be better for you or worse for you depending on your identity. And all the copies of the Constitution and Federalist Papers won't stop it, not that, again, anybody outside a few aging white people cares about them or reads them.

The Age of Ideology is over.


Unknown said…
We are at the end of a long super cycle. But that also means the start of something new that could be much worse.
John Coffman said…
Thanks for the mention! My scribblings of theological, political, or social commentary can be found here: johncoffman.blogspot.com. Considering the Age of Reason and Ideology is over, it seems this age was always a house built on sand. As everything begins to collapse, we should consider the invitation the Orthodox Faith and Life has for bringing man back to a natural existence with God, with God's Created Order in Nature, and with our fellow man. The West needs a blood transfusion of sorts from the Orthodox East. The Orthodox East is the only inherently Christian culture to continue to produce amazing saints that encourage the faithful to resist the demonic constructs with which the West experimented. Again, thanks for the shout out!
Ingemar said…
>endowed with the Mandate of Heaven.

You have your empires mixed up.
Hey, AG, I like your blog, as I like your comments at iSteve - (have you commented on either takimag or Amren?). You may never see this comment, but I've gotta make a small correction:

If it were the general election in 1992 you were mentioning, it would have been George H.W. Bush, CIA, as the Red team (though they may not have fixed the colors yet) vs. Adulterer Clinton of the Blue team. You did have a choice back then of Mr. Ross Perot - he came across flaky at the end due to dropping out for a while, then coming back in. I believe he was threatened by the deep state types at that point. Ross Perot was the closest guy to Donald Trump we have seen.

Me, I started voting libertarian that year - and that came about because I saw Mr. Bush on TV speaking in Spanish for a little bit to some audience - this was 1992 - I thought - "enough of this crap!"

You are correct, Achmed!

1996 was Clinton vs. Bob Dole. So that was my last vote before 2016. I actually left the ballot blank for the Presidential slot: Dole, one of the architects of the ADA, and his nanny-state wife (national drinking age) repulsed me. The next morning, I read in the paper (the one that used to get thrown out of a car onto your front yard) that all ballots that didn't have every hole punched were discarded. No kidding.
The balloting system where you live sounds pretty f__d up. Anyway, I totally agree about the nanny-state crap (it was also another one at the tail end of the usurpations of states' rights). Not all libertarians are 'tarded, as the conservatives (incl. VDare folks) seem to think.

I'll see you at Sailer's blog. I just started peakstupidity.com 2 1/2 months back. I think I may mellow out the posting frequency. It's not the lack of stuff to write about it, just the time necessary to do it right. That Sailer is amazing.
It's not that way any more. Diebold all the way, and they are honest with it so far.