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Friend of the blog Porter posted some reflections on the spectacle of African migrants mistaking a Tunisian fishing vessel for a European "coast guard," that being those ships deployed off the African coast to guard against foreign invaders not getting to sufficient depth for rescue for subsidized, purposeless existence in Europe.

Apparently, the migrant's method is to steer these inflatable, ludicrously over-sized dinghies with an outboard smaller than a bass boat's a few miles off the coast, get in sight of one of these ironically named coast guards, then scuttle the boat to guilt Europeans into rescuing your sorry ass. In the following video, things go horribly awry when African migrants mistake a Tunisian commercial fishing vessel and its crew for people who actually give a shit.

The end result is Africans bobbing lifelessly in the Mediterranean like lemmings in a flood, unmourned, uncelebrated, unburied.

Now, contrast sympathy for these drowning Africans with the bemused insouciance of the Tunisian chronicler, recording the carnage from the spotless, uncrowded deck of his employer's boat. The narrator films the dinghy's approach, its deliberate gutting, and raises his voice tepidly at the migrants trying to scramble up the hull. He then wanders below, presumably to alert his utterly indifferent countrymen to this unfolding tragedy, then strolls back up, across the impeccable decks, under the unlowered lifeboat, the better to point out bodies in their death throes. Insh'allah my friends, life is a bitch and then you die.

There is plenty of journalistic firepower being deployed on the Refugee Crisis but one aspect I don't hear much about is what happens on dry land at the actual borders of, say, Tunisia. I suspect it involves weapons and terse commands as opposed to cell phones and languid gestures, and Europe's future neurosurgeons either flee from a gauntlet of rifles and billy clubs or, if they have sufficient baksheesh, are cynically spirited to the coast to go be someone else's problem.

Actually, we do know some details of this human tidal wave from the New York Times' own Tom Friedman, back in April 2016:

(Apologies for the .jpeg format. The NYT doesn't like its content copied.)

Friedman blames, what else, "climate change" even as he observes but does not perceive the high time-preference, the fatalism, and the polygamy that generate these waves upon waves of surplus men. He even acknowledges--one gets the sense, grudgingly--the solution staring everybody in the face: improve local conditions. Of course, Friedman again observes but does not perceive the cycle of Africa's doom loop: modern crop yields and Western medicine enable large families; large families mean more slash-and-burn; more slash-and-burn erodes away or de-nutrifies through lack of stewardship; the resulting scarcity drives migration. Lather, rinse, repeat.

On this day, I'm thankful to be the product of K-selection, and pray to God we have the good sense to keep r-selection away, behind walls and across oceans, where it can work itself out in its own fashion.


rick allen said…
"Now contrast any sympathy for these drowning Africans with the bemused insouciance of the Tunisian chronicler."

Apparently not only the Tunisian.
My compassionate advice to the migrants: stay in your villages.
Wilbur Hassenfus said…
Well, you know what any empathetic humanitarian would say: You only get to turn the West into sub-Saharan Africa once, you can't change it back, and doing so won't even dent the problem you're trying to fix.

And that's why it must be done instantly, with no debate.

(In fact, though, it *will* solve the problem: With western civilization swamped, there's nothing to artificially sustain the African population explosion. Malthus takes over, a billion rockfish starve, and within a century, the entire world outside of Asia subsides into a sustainable confition not unlike Africa in 1700).

Porter said…
AG I laughed at your sardonic take.

And Wilbur is exactly right. Absent course correction, the West will be extinguished for nothing but a forgotten gesture. Africans will starve in the city-swamps of Africa or they will starve in the ruins of the Occident. The preening sacrifice of our ancient civilization won't be more than a blip to the eventual resolution.
Quicksilver75 said…
The cosmopolitan globalists who wish to invite the burgeoning 3rd world crowds into the developed world need to be forced to endure a trial period abroad to preview their policies. Could we offer them 6 month fact finding missions w/ minimal stipends to shelters, hostels in Cities such as Lagos, Agadez, & Yaounde?
lannes said…
What does Friedman think about re-settling African migrants in Israel?