The Age of Evangelism Is Over, cont'd

Russell Moore makes Rod Dreher feel all tingly inside.

The premise is that religious liberty, perforce, includes the freedom to practice Islam as well, so therefore the 11th Commandment requires Christians to refrain from opposing the construction of mosques in the United States. If Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist immigrants are to be encouraged in their active religious practice, then U.S. Christian churches cannot, in good conscience, continue to insist that their congregations fund overseas missions.

This is how multicultural empires end: the electorate can no longer agree on the existential, ontological questions on which a society is based. We are seriously supposed to believe that a country consisting of Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians and Atheists can function into perpetuity? Where has this ever been the case in all of human history? After Babel, Macedonia, Rome, Byzantium, Austro-Hungary, the USSR, Yugoslavia, tribal Africa, the Levant, it's the United States that finally got it right? It's the End of History!

Multiculturalism depends on a wealthy, intelligent market-dominant ethnicity who have most of the guns and money keeping the peace, like the hidalgo minorities who rule (and misrule) all the artificial countries of Central and South America, or the authoritarian Han majority who run the Singaporean city-state. When those market-dominant groups lose their grip, like the Alawites and Christians in Syria or the Sunnis in Iraq, that glorious multiculturalism blows away faster than you can say blood is thicker than water.

This is why Donald Trump paradoxically represents the last, best hope of propositional nationhood for the U.S. Either Trump wins and slams the gates shut, and the Anglo-Europeans get busy and start baby-making in order to preserve their super-majority status, or the U.S. continues its devolution along its ethno-cultural lines.


lannes said…
Liberals have too firm a grip on American society for your suggestions to have much effect.
Jon M said…
That's loser talk. Quit whining and get fighting.