Colonel Blimp said…
Anti-Gnostic - if you want to see how the absurd contradictions in liberal democracy can bend men into the most insane contortions, watch Rod Dreher back Russell Moore's push for more mosques:

An Orthodox Christian pushing for Islam. Hmmm....I'll think take the views of St John of Damascus instead, thank you very much. If you want to see the inspiration for the alt-right, Dreher is about as good as you can get. This man thumps his chest and emotes about how he is a 'conservative Christian' and yet he rivals Matthew Bennell for finger pointing whenever anyone actually tries to conserve anything.
Porter said…
I read that TAC piece, and the Russell Moore video that sent Dreher into pleasant palpitations. It's nothing more than masochism. For those of us insensitive to its effects, the appeal is alien and incomprehensible. Though to those receptive, the frisson is obviously irresistible. God is distant and his pleasure can only be discerned by faith. As such, submission to him alone offers only a muted satisfaction. Though when maso-christians submit to all of man, the sensations are immediate and vivid. This is the attraction: they don't have to endure mortal existence on their feet.

The Age of Evangelism is over.
Bert said…
Does this mean you're finally over your very weird love for Rod Dreher?
He has some good ideas but no follow-through.
Colonel Blimp said…
I agree with you that he has some good ideas AG; he has been far more alive than other conservative pundits to the rise of the incipient student red guard and the gender-bender crusade, and understands more clearly than most on the right that America has entered a post-Christian state, with all the consequences that come from that.

And yet. And yet. He comes out with nonsense like the article I mentioned. He was, and remains, far more a prisoner of the liberal world into which most of us were born than he can ever admit, and this bobs to the surface every so often. More than anything else, he strikes me as a deracinated WASP, a man in search of an identity and roots. That is not meant uncharitably, because he is far from alone in that. However, this lack of mooring seems to render him horribly inconsistent and haphazard.
My vote for best meme of the month.
Anonymous said…
Actually, I don't agree regarding Rod Dreher. He doesn't have good ideas. What he has is a good understanding of the situation. That is his appeal (and that is what his 'conservatism' is based on-relatively clear understanding). Unfortunately, his solutions-his 'ideas,' are what's wrong. As someone mentioned, he's a prisoner of the liberal world. You always go to his blog and read something that he describes-the idiocy of transgenderism, for instance-but leave disgusted because he doesn't get the implications of that thing, or what a 'conservative' should do about it. He understands the problem, but is utterly inept at the solution.
Porter used the term "frisson" to refer to liberal titillation at cheering on your own cultural displacement. I guess that also applies to Christian handwringing over transgenderism, cultural decline. Dreher wants to weep and moan and writhe, and then retreat to his Walker Percy seminars.
Gregory DeVore said…
Is there anything that can be done?
Vote for Trump and hope he buys us some political, cultural and, most importantly, demographic breathing room.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, that southern border will be WIDE open. Ignore electoral politics at that point and acquire hard assets.

Actually, acquire hard assets regardless. The future has already been born.