I was wrong

On April 28, 2015, I predicted that Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner would succeed Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock as People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman in the whole effing world for 2016.

Apparently the grandmothers and great-grandmothers who comprise the bulk of People Magazine's readers are not prepared to go that extra mile yet, so the magazine settled on another peri-menopausal female, childless, 47-year old Jennifer Aniston.

So I was wrong.

The "transgender" debate of course rages on, as North Carolina has apparently run afoul of the NFL, Bruce Springsteen, Target, and others eager to defend the basic human right to go into whichever bathroom you want. Tyler Cowen returns to the fray on this. If you're interested you can run "McCloskey" on his site's Search option and see his conflict over the strange saga of his friend and fellow academic economist, Donald/Dierdre McCloskey. Incidentally, McCloskey is an erudite, smart, free market economist, whom one might describe as frankly conservative.

Men indulging in feminine affectations have been noted, and condemned, since Sts. Paul and John Chrysostom, and it would appear these people got along just fine without tromping into the opposite sex's bathrooms by indulging their kink at private parties and in theatrical performances. (+John Chrysostom spends some amount of time in one of his sermons railing against effeminate performers at Christian wedding receptions.) This being modern times of course, we can't just let things muck along at the private, local level. And so a matter that used to be in the closet is now out in the public space, prompting well-intentioned legislation from the putative conservative side, and generating an equivalent reaction from the Left, who declare the behavior of a tiny, deviant minority to be a fundamental human right.

The conservative side have my deepest sympathies, because we all know this is not just about "transgenderism" but a truly diabolical and gnostic effort to declare gender and family entirely fluid. In reality, if you tell us you’re a tiger, or that you are receiving extra-terrestrial transmissions in your head, we diagnose a mental disorder. Similarly, if you have an XY or XX chromosome in every cell in your body, manifesting themselves in the typical ways, it’s easier to diagnose some body/gender dysphoria than that your mind was somehow metaphysically deposited in the wrong place. Can anybody even explain that process? Is there any research being done on it? Or is this one of the secular faith’s Sacred Mysteries, to be hedged off and protected from skepticism and critical inquiry?

Speaking of being in the wrong place, is there any child or adolescent who doesn’t dream on some unhappy occasion that they’re actually a foundling, that their “real” parents (not the current meanies who sent them to their room) are actually fantastic royalty, or that one or another circumstance of life was just somehow not meant to be in some mystical sense? We tell them that such feelings are part of growing up and coming to terms with the world as it is. By contrast, transsexualism is the only disorder where we scream at everybody else that they have to accommodate the individual’s delusion.


Anonymous said…
A voice of reason:
Truly a voice of reason, and biology over ideology, and sanity. Thank you.
Colonel Blimp said…
From over here in the land formerly known as Great Britain.

"I came out as a non-binary person to President Obama before I came out to my parents. As a British Pakistani Muslim, I have faced cultural backlash from members of my community who cannot grasp a complex concept.I was at the town hall with the US Ambassador as part of Young Leaders UK, a special programme run by the US embassy. When I stood up in front of Obama – having been chosen by chance – my blood ran cold, and I felt as though a literal spotlight had been shone on the President and on myself. But I was not afraid. I just wanted answers....President Obama was puzzled, and so is the British government"

There a moments, and they occur with increasing frequency, when I have to convince myself that I am not experiencing a hallucination of the most galvanic proportions. What the hell happened to my country? What the hell happened to the world? Dear sweet goodness, has it really come to this?

Colonel Blimp said…
Should have posted the link to prove I wasn't making all this up:

Anonymous said…
I sometimes almost get the sense that some of the most dedicated pushers of "transgenderism" are really just trying to see what they can get away with. "Will they believe us if we tell them that all right-thinking people support voting rights for mollusks? Let's find out!" They just want to know how insane their lies can become before people stop believing them. Evidently, there is no limit.

"What the hell happened to my country? What the hell happened to the world? Dear sweet goodness, has it really come to this?"

This mania comes directly from The Pit. We can try all manner of political action, but I increasingly suspect that nothing except prayer and penance will mitigate it now. Could the main cause of post-Sixties insanity have been the 1965 Roman Catholic suppression of the Leonine Prayers? If demons were really let loose on the West after 1965, history certainly couldn't look much different.
Prior Martin said…
I have believed, for longer than I would like to admit, that the RCC and the mainline Prots have been infiltrated by the agents of Satan. The head honcho in all this is the current "pope",Jorge Buggerlio (aka Frankie I). He is just one of the many Anti-Christs on the earth today, others include Sheik Barrack Hussein Obama, Hilary Rodham Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Mitt Romney and the list goes on and on. Even the heretofore immune Orthodox Church is beginning to show signs of the disease, especially the OCA. Vatican II was the beginning of the end.
Anonymous said…
"The head honcho in all this is the current "pope",Jorge Buggerlio (aka Frankie I). He is just one of the many Anti-Christs on the earth today..."

[Laughs] Why not list those who are NOT the Anti-Christ. Starting with you...
Bert said…
Hey AG, Corvinus is back.
formercommunist said…
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formercommunist said…
This transgender stuff is just another tactic implementing the Left's desire to destroy the bourgeoisie and middle- class values. Basic Marxist crap which unfortunately, our fellow countrymen appear to be buying these days in their Biblical ignorance.
Its all bad stuff "gnostic"?