In which I knock it out of the park

Remember when I talked about how ahead of the curve I am?

And remember how, with reference to Trump, I said the Age Of Ideas was obviously drawing to a close? Interestingly, this is more painfully evident on the Left than the Right, as black activists have made it clear they want their socialism nationalist, like everybody else's.

Naturally, in response to this outbreak of Jacksonian democracy and patriotic affection for kith and kin, the mouthpiece of movement conservatism launched an all-hands-on-deck broadside against Trump.

The esteemed Rockford Institute has responded in kind.

You're welcome.

As Lent approaches, I need to follow up this post and this post with something on humility.


knifecatcher said…
What you said and I said:

knifecatcher said...
I do not expect Donald Trump to be particularly effective,

AGnos will be eating his words a year from now. This is not Perot redux, The situation is dire and events will propel Trump forward.
September 2, 2015 at 3:15 PM
Anti-Gnostic, I thought this might interest you: