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In which I leave the house and go see a movie

Merry Christmas to all

"America's Yeltsin Era..."

Not Great, not Holy, and not Conciliar


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Everybody always ends up agreeing with me

"It was fun while it lasted"

We are reaching levels of awesomeness we didn't previously think possible.

The Hard Hat Riot

The Gay, Feminist, Democratic, Rainbow Warrior Army

Yea verily, doth this AltRight appear most unseemly

Truth. Beauty. Goodness.

An Anarcho-Capitalist Proposal

A Modest Proposal

Hierarch of "Eastern America"

Everything is a pyramid scheme

The year Rudyard Kipling was proved right about everything

Constitutional fetishism

Moderated comments

"Negative Rates, Plunging Yields and a 'Fix' for the Economy"

The Age of Evangelism Is Over, cont'd


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