Porter explains.

I could prepare a detailed analysis of Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage) or King v. Burwell (Obamacare), or I can cut and paste three sentences from Porter.

Meanwhile congressional Republicans, terrified lest they be found insufficiently prostrate before the multi-national corporate gods, rescued Barack Hussein from his own Left flank and granted him Trade Promotion Authority to cut secret, cronyist deals across Southeast Asia. The hog-tying and gutting of the American middle class can proceed apace.

Remember that this Congress was voted into power just seven months ago to do nothing but oppose Obama. "No enemies to the Left!," is now the Republican's governing creed.

Time to start thinking outside the box, folks.

Also, this is my 500th post.


Bert said…
I don't think what passes for the Right in this country cares any more about the constitution than anyone else.

Also, you're dreaming if you think the "Manosphere" is anymore more than pathetic insecure middle-aged men whining about how women don't like them.
pathetic insecure middle-aged men whining about how women don't like them.

I resemble those remarks, sir.
Porter said…
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Porter said…

Republicans have made a living as jackals because conservatives find hyenas unpalatable. I wrote on this in November when voters screamed for relief from Obama's predations. So Mitch McConnell came out post election to assure constituents their voices had been heard clearly in Washington: trade agreements and corporate tax relief on the way!

The party is electorally perched on a pinhead. They have almost no natural constituency for their platform, and despise those whose votes actually empower them. This week especially must have heard millions of conservatives quietly hammering final nails in their support for the party. Unless the dem nominee pledges to gorge on white infants with tea, conservatives will abandon the repubs in droves come 2016.

The one caveat would be if a renegade like Trump begins to gain traction. His volleys with the univision revanchists must already be perking up ears that that have grown deadened by the ceaseless litany of party betrayals and cant. This is why the establishment is already going helter skelter in its efforts to cast him out of contention. It's very important to lose respectably, you see.
lannes said…
What Trump and Dr. Carson have going for them is they are not entrenched politicians.
One Drunk Cop said…
If the GOPs abandonment of their promises to oppose Obama doesn't prove that elections no longer matter then SCOTUS essentially changing a law to make it work must surely be irrefutable proof that no, elections don't have consequences.
Bernard Brandt said…
My personal crank theory is that Obama's DNC, whose only real competence is in obtaining re-election, has been using NSA, CIA and FBI files, which basically include every phone call, internet use, and individual surveillance at their disposal, to blackmail each and every one of the Republican senators and congress critters. Oh, and maybe also the conservative members of the Supreme Court as well.
Would not be at all surprised if that turned out to be the case.
patrick kelly said…
" to blackmail each and every one of the Republican.."

So all republowcrats have skeletons in their closets so horrible none of them could ever find the cajones to say, "Yeah, I said/did that, f-you if you don't like it". I'd vote for that guy.

The lurking dwellers in the swamps of evil probably also have pictures of their loved ones in vulnerable places, with captions like, "be a shame if something terrible happened to them".

That's the kind of scum we're dealing with. Still above fighting fire with fire?
Bernard Brandt said…
Still above fighting fire with fire?

Whoever said I was against fighting fire with fire?

I will point out, however, that the vast majority of surveillance resources, together with news media, and means of federal 'persuasion' are in the hands of the NSA, CIA, FBI, DoJ and the Seven News Corporations. Those, I will remind you are the business end of the Cathedra, and they are all now at the service of the Great and Powerful O.

Have you ever heard the expression, "Never bring a knife to a gun fight"?

It might be good to consider what equalizers are at hand before going into Tienanmen Square while the tanks are rolling in.

And since I just raised that particular metaphor, we might want to consider what the Peoples' Republic of China is planning to do, now that it has hacked the entire Federal Employee data base, and has the means of doing to the Cathedra what I suspect that It has been doing to the conservative base.
August said…
I think the Democrats are blackmailed too. There are plenty of leftists angry with this status quo. Few of them will be any help though. But I have heard them complain of corporate trolls- like people who show up and insist their agricultural plans will never work and we all just need to worship Monsanto and eat Round Up ready gmos. I now suspect there are also gay corporate trolls.