Andreas Lubitz/GermanWings Air Crash

Lion of the Blogosphere has a number of posts up about Andreas Lubitz, the psychiatric patient who flew a passenger plane into the side of a mountain last week.

Vision problems, suicidal ideation, heavy psych meds, and 'burnout' in his early 20's. Why did the airline keep this tragic young man limping along as a pilot? Aren't there enough qualified pilots out there without vision problems and major psychiatric issues? When I was growing up, nobody besides ex-military ever got a foot in the door with the airlines.

I expect it's because Lubitz came cheap.

Lord have mercy on the victims.


lannes said…
Not enough ex-military pilots, most likely.
Jan Banan said…
My mother's cousins were both ex-mil fighter pilots who had lucrative careers as airline pilots.

One of them was shot down in Korea and successfully evacuated, but not before a group of soldiers searching for him stopped near his hiding place and one literally pissed on him.

What are the odds of someone going through all that and then deciding to emocide a plane with 150 people into a mountain?