What Caucasians do when you teach them Islam

Via iSteve.


IA said…
Could very well be a lot of places 2100 AD.
Dave said…
This type of ritualized, repetitive movement predates Chechen conversion to Islam.
This dancing has it's roots in Caucasian and Central Asian shamanism/paganism.
As far as I'm concerned this is stunning, very moving.
The Chechens have a living tradition that binds them together at a deep level.
On the other hand, we in the West are sinking ever deeper into the abyss of civilizational exhaustion.
The Chechens may be nothing more than glorified bandits and horse thieves, but 100 years from now they will still be dancing the zhikr and celebrating their culture, while whites in the West will be at best a hated minority in our own lands, at worst... gone.
August said…
Stimulation of dopamine via large groups. But then arguably, John Paul II trumped everybody with his huge outdoor Masses.
Took me a long time to realize I actually didn't like these sorts of things. We are taught to like these large groups, to think it is normal. Makes no sense from an evolutionary perspective.
It also doesn't make sense from any traditional perspective because the emotional highs gained from large groups don't translate into anything solid. But you just know your evangelical friends think that one more rock concert for Jesus might end the secular era.
At the end of the day, I wonder how many of them are just people who like to be gregarious, but don't have much to draw others, so they seek religious large group environments because there's that idea that God wants other people to show up there. Problem is, the party people can get tyrannical.
djf said…
This could be any Jewish wedding.
Anonymous said…
OT, but I've seen some reports about Westerners joining Dwekh Nawsha Assyrian resistance fighters in Iraq.
Kakistocracy said…
I wonder how many of these men are concerned with

* Climate change
* Tolerance and inclusion
* Transphobia
* Hunger in Africa, or
* Disparate Impacts

In the end, fundamentals win.

Here's an image of the future: a smashed iPad lying in the dusty wake of this dance.