I am trying to get a feel for the Tumblr format. For those who don't know, if you hover on the upper-left corner of the Tumblr masthead, you'll get a prompt for Archives or Ask Me Anything, and can type in a comment thread.

Tumblr seems like a good way to generate more numerous posts, and I don't really like the Twitter format. Would welcome any comments or advice, either here or there.


Anonymous said…
I was under the impression that Tumblr was primarily an image based platform. I use Digg Reader to access my blogroll in a more mobile friendly fashion than web browsing, but obviously doesn't have anything to do with the publishing side. I know the Blogger app is still garbage, so I imagine from the posting side that some mature social media app would be better "on the go". Just don't sacrifice quality for quantity ;)
It's pretty flexible actually. It's also obviously more for touch-screen. I'm still trying to figure out the commenting function.
Anonymous said…
There isn't an indwelling comment function, you'd have to use something like Discus. Are thinking of moving your blog to Tumblr, or creating a supplement?
dfordoom said…
Tumblr is dominated by militant leftists, to an absolutely overwhelming degree. It's also a bit of a moral sewer. I'd be cautious about it.
I literally have no use for Twitter either.