The battle of the blasphemies

Fourth generation warfare comes to Paris.

Unlike past attacks, these jihadists clearly hoped to fight another day. And they were methodical and well-equipped, and able to make their way to and from Yemen.

Patronage networks and supply chains are in place to provide equipment and training to the Islamic nation in France.

UPDATE: Per the comments, I have changed the title based on a link to Doug Wilson. I agree with the comments; secularism is dying a slow death.


Anonymous said…
Secular ideology won because it was tied to scientific and economic methods that worked. This is the moment where that animal starts eating itself.

It no longer works. And so people will no longer believe.

Not a fan of his, but Doug Wilson is right here:
T.A.WILSON said…
"Secular ideology won because it was tied to scientific and economic methods that worked."

No. Islam just whipped out a dick. Keep the shitheel bit to yourself, asshole.
Anonymous said…
T.A.WILSON said…
Indeed. What? The secular animal, tied to scientific and economic methods, worked.

It's a magnificent sophistry, I had to register my disgust.
lannes said…
Paris will soon look like Dien Bien Phu.
Let's try to be courteous here, everyone. I think you are both agreeing with Doug Wilson:

This is a battle of blasphemies. Cartoonists blaspheme the prophet, and men with guns blaspheme with the blood of cartoonists in the temple of liberal public discourse. When we have competing blasphemies, how shall we decide between them? Without a transcendent arche — the Lord Jesus Christ — any battle of blasphemies is going to be won by the side that is willing to take their blasphemy clean out to the edge.

And that would be the Muslims. They know what they are doing, and they are doing it with all their might. The secular West does not know what it is doing, and is doing it halfheartedly.

I am changing the title of this post, as inspired by Mr. Wilson.
knifecatcher said…
The Islamic world is doomed. They won't be able to import/produce the food they need in the coming global cooling era of food shortages.

Google David Archibald.
Anonymous said…
I can't say I know a ton of young-ish secular types, but amongst those I do, Baby-Boomer platitudes about the "Religion of Peace" and "True vs. False Islam" don't cut much ice. There have been too many high-profile attacks since 9/11 to push that BS even on liberal kids (usually the liberal, secular youngsters are even more passionately anti-Islamic than the conservative religious types).

Eurabia won't happen; by the time these kids are middle-aged and wielding some real influence, they won't be in a mood to play nice. As I've said before, what's coming in Europe will make the St. Bartholomew's day massacre look like a game of tiddlywinks.
Prior Martin said…
I read your comments on Chadwick's blog, I no longer comment on his site, there's no reasoning with them. Chadwick, Ed Pacht and the whole crew, with the exception of Dale, wouldn't defend themselves if their lives depended on it. There's not an micro-ounce of testosterone amongst them. We need a Christian leader like Charles Martel to slaughter the Muslim bastards and be done with it.
Most Christians are middle-aged and older with no more fight left in them. They just want to be left in peace to shuffle off to their liturgies and book clubs.
Ghost Of Chuckie Martel said…
"We need a Christian leader like Charles Martel to slaughter the Muslim bastards and be done with it."

Then get off your ass and lead!
The system still has a lot of legitimacy and power, so no Martels are on the horizon for now. It would help a great deal if Christian hierarchs and secular elites would abandon their idealism and just start making some pointed and public observations about reality. But they can't even be bothered to do that, so things will just have to run their course.
Bert said…
You need to make posts more often. Now that Sailer has sold out to Ron Unz this is the only place I feel I can trust.
Anonymous said…
For starters that little film clip is a total fraud, a very poor acting job, with no blood, no recoil or no ejected cartridge from the AK-47.

Sure the Muslims are bad, but they don't make crap movies like this.