Free College

Obama's latest.
In a nutshell, Washington will commit $60 billion over 10 years with the states kicking in another $20 billion to make two years of community college virtually free. Students would on average save $3,800 per year in tuition plus access to $1000 in Pell Grants and families would receive $2,500 from the American Opportunity Tax Credit. The President called on “everyone to do their part”: community colleges to strengthen their programs and increase graduation rates, while students must maintain good grades (a 2.5 or “C+” in today’s world of grade inflation). In principle, some 9 million youngsters can participate.

At $4,000< over two years, you could pay for community college just by giving up your cigarettes, tattoos and clubbing. Of course, the actual beneficiaries are all the newly minted, Democrat-voting, otherwise unemployable Master's and PhD holders who will be hired to administer this boondoggle. Government salaries to pay off the government-guaranteed student loans. When we need more money we'll just print it. Or import more serfs; I'm sure they'll be glad to pony up.
There’s a pattern here and to repeat, the scariest feature of this ineptitude not the wasted resources; it is the uncomfortable realization that we are being governed by policy-makers who resemble not too bright adolescents participating in model UN-like high school exercises...

What may be the most frightening is how the President and his staff display a mentality typically associated with primitive people—a belief that a fancy piece of paper (a diploma) is a talisman (or amulet) that bestows magical powers on the owner. Why else the emphasis on easily manipulated graduation rates versus a hard-nosed professional certification tests such as the CPA or bar exam? Why permit the schools themselves to confirm “proven outcomes”? The answer is obvious—learning is hard, distributing magical pieces of paper certifying “education” is easy. And that millions will financially benefit from all these newly printed pieces of paper only adds to the ACP’s allure. Again, something very wrong is going on here, far worse than the usual run of the mill inept policy-making.
Liberals are children, cargo-cult enthusiasts who have no idea how reality works. I'm not sure how I'd classify the movement-conservatives; maybe as clumsy teenagers.

Across the board, American politicians seem to have succumbed to magic-thinking. Bombs, drones, government spending--there's nothing it can't do.


Toddy Cat said…
"—a belief that a fancy piece of paper (a diploma) is a talisman (or amulet) that bestows magical powers on the owner."

Well, why shouldn't Obama believe it? - it worked for him...
Bernard Brandt said…
Oh, come now, Anti-Gnostic: Credentialitis is nothing new. It goes back at least as far (at least for Americans) to the motion picture, The Wizard of Oz, where the eponymous Wizard gives the Scarecrow his credential, so that he might believe that he actually has some brains.