Today is born of a Virgin He who holds the whole Creation in His hand.

Today we commemorate the birth of the King of Kings and Prince of Peace. A blessed feast to all.


Visibilium said…
This is another year in which I have patiently listened to the foghorns who bellow against our leaving Christ out of Christmas. Yeah, I already got that message some years ago despite my exuberant commercialism.

One problem with that kind of bellowing is, however, it's incompleteness without suitable attention paid to Christ's death. Yep, Christ was destined to be born on Christmas, and he was destined to die on Good Friday. Christ's death is the end result of the parties, carols, eggnog, and mistletoe.

Personally, I'm overjoyed by the complete Christmas message, which tells me that I don't have to die at all.
tubbs said…
A joyous Christmastide to you and your house.