Prominent IT venture capitalist declares entire premise of US education system invalid

He's right, by the way, but that's for another post, and I'm confident it's not the point he intended.

Via The Kakistocracy.
What the anti-immigration people don’t understand is that there is a huge variation in ability between competent programmers and exceptional ones, and while you can train people to be competent, you can’t train them to be exceptional. Exceptional programmers have an aptitude for and interest in programming that is not merely the product of training.
The fact of innate, hereditary talent for a particular skillset is presumably the reason men like Paul Graham devote substantial amounts of their personal time and fortune to lobbying Congress for more H1-B visas. Otherwise, they could just spend the money on schools in places like Camden or Detroit to train all the untapped labor there for the next generation of genius-level programming. Or, if you're Bill Gates, just give your intelligent, bored wife a few extra billion to fund all these Blank Slate/social engineering schemes while your company continues to recruit from a few select colleges.

Of course, when you and I say or do things like this, people scream about eugenics and Hitler.

Other good headline material could be mined from the fact that Paul Graham has apparently never heard of conference calls and e-mails.


August said…
I find this stuff exasperating, because I am reasonably sure it would be cheaper if they would pay me to learn programming. Might be faster too- I think I can still learn faster than most high school/college students.
Eugine_nier said…
Yes, here is an essay in which he goes into great detail about all the problems with the US education system.
Kakistocracy said…
Happy New Years dude.
Bumbling American said…
Seconding that--here's to better days ahead.
Here's to the Happening!