Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spreading the Good News

Muslim evangelism.

The message of modern Christendom is one of endless cession and accommodation to her illiberal enemies. Islam, by contrast, gives its followers certitude and tells them to bide their time. Secularized Christianity is now the Establishment, which is why the desert creed of Islam evangelizes.

When Muslims need their own space away from abominations such as gay marriage and feminism they take it, secure in their patronage networks, their patriarchal culture, and their unflinching sense of truth. Modern Christianity can only exhort her adherents to pray and do the best they can with such resources as the individual or nuclear family can muster, and even commands them to seek illumination from the anti-Christian view.

The age of Christian evangelism is over, with the modern Christian gospel of utter altruism and voluntary displacement being adopted by the secular State. The garment-rending of modern Christian evangelicals is pure theater at this point. The other day, I watched a commercial with a Christian missionary at least thirty pounds overweight stomping around, demanding I send his employer money as the camera panned on a doe-eyed Haitian girl in a ragged dress. At that point, I was screaming at the TV, "Build them a f***ing sewage treatment plant!" I'm going to start doing this in real life.

Time for the Church to feed Her sheep.


Anonymous said...

Muslims originally prayed in Jerusalem direction, but the Black Rock in Mekka was too sacred for the Arabs, the strength of Islam is that is simple religion and strictly Arab-centric. The Catholic Church in the Vatican was the continuation of the Roman Empire, Latin was the divine langauge and Latin derived langues replaced the Celtic languages and other Pagan tongues.

Anonymous said...

Islam is vigorous and self-confident, but also fairly idiotic. Its appeal is strictly to R-selected populations who can't see its contradictions.

On the other hand, the whole Western establishment is actively subsidizing R-selection, so maybe there's reason to mind this threat after all.

Bert said...

"Islam is vigorous and self-confident, but also fairly idiotic. Its appeal is strictly to R-selected populations who can't see its contradictions."

Yeah, you're full of shit.

Islam has plenty of problems, and I don't like it at all, but you can't argue with success. Plenty of westerners have been converting lately as well, so there's that.

Ignoring the problem won't make it go away.