John Zmirak lets fly

Via Rorate Caeli
... The men who are leading the Synod do not need theology lessons from me. If only because enough good men remain among them and tell the truth, these saboteurs know exactly what they are doing.

And like the Pharisees, they already have their reward — their attaboys from the New York Times and their Methodist and Unitarian golfing pals. The Synod leaders have neutralized the nastiest attacks from homosexual activists, and bought peace with the secular state for the next ten years or so. Like Henry VIII’s compliant bishops, they will be “safe.” For a decade at least, they will keep the hundreds of millions of dollars gathered in Germany from the “church tax,” and in the U.S. from federal contracts to agencies that are Catholic in name only, such as Catholic Charities and diocesan immigrant offices. Bishops will get to pretend that they preside over powerful, consequential institutions, and the world will pretend to believe them. For now. Until the hatred of Christianity ratchets up another notch, and demands an even more craven surrender.

Bishops who are so inclined — including the Bishop of Rome — can continue to garner headlines for their attacks on a mythical “unregulated capitalism,” their demands for radical redistribution of the wealth and the dismantling of borders. They can praise the mass influx of Muslims into Europe, and cash a check every time an illegal immigrant arrives in America. As men without children, they don’t need to worry about their descendants. They are confident of eternity, since they don’t believe in hell.

Let me give these men something to worry about. These men who are fracking the Church to produce the current “earthquake of mercy” are hungry for recognition and legitimacy. They want to be seen as leaders — which is why they dash out in front of every crowd, wherever it’s headed. But legitimacy is precisely what the bishops and even the pope will sacrifice if the Synod ends up approving the radical proposals that are before it ...

Much more at the link. Zmirak is one angry Catholic.

You don't need to be a seminarian or even a professing Christian to spot the flaws in +Francis's sloppy theology.
As he beatified Pope Paul VI who implemented the Second Vatican Council’s vast changes, Pope Francis said ‘God is not afraid of new things’.

Traditionalists, the Pope said, risk a temptation of ‘hostile inflexibility’...

Remarks that follow are premised on the article cited above being genuine and not an Onion-style fake news satire. I will hope to be informed this assumption is incorrect.

So the fundamentals of this pope’s position:

* The church offers no timeless message of Christ, but should instead merely reflect the whimsy of societal fashion.

* Traditionalists (and presumably the static bible they read) are at “risk” of “inflexibility.” One must be flexible in adhering to God’s designs.

* The most amazing statement of all: “God is not afraid of new things.” What would qualify as a “new thing” to the omniscient creator of the Earth and heavens? Is it possible that such a being had never considered the virtues of male buggery until a U.S. judge found them hiding under a penumbra? Is Francis implying that God toddles along behind the will and impulsion of man, rather than the opposite?
I'll venture a prediction that the most insidious part of this synod was the beatification of +Paul VI.

At some point, I imagine the Roman Rite will split along its traditionalist and modernist fault lines. Who seizes the Vatican, in a future Europe wracked by sectarian conflict and resurgent nationalism? I am being completely serious. People have washed themselves in their countrymen's blood over less. Change a few extant circumstances--weaker government, lower population density, younger median age--and dust-ups like the current US Episcopal lawsuits get settled in the streets. And there are a lot more people, properties and status at stake in the Catholic conflict.


Unknown said…
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Your Kakistocracy said…
That Zmirak piece was outstanding. Logical, passionate, and artfully composed. It's gratifying to read such sentiments from men who take their Christian faith seriously, rather than regarding it as a fashion ensemble...didn't you know homosexuality is in style this season?.
Toddy Cat said…
No doubt about it, that's one pissed-off Papist. I'm not Catholic, but it's sad to see yet another founding institution of the West go down the rathole of political correctness, and I don't blame Zmirak for being angry. May he have lots of company, this crap has gone far enough.
It's a scale problem, with a single individual who's deemed vicar of Christ for the whole universe in charge of it all.

Thus the spiritual and temporal economy of giving every nation its own Church. Popes instead of Pope.
Anonymous said…

The hidden hand, or fishing for the wallet?
Anonymous said…
"At some point, I imagine the Roman Rite will split along its traditionalist and modernist fault lines."

Depends on how long we can stave off a schism. The modernists are getting old, and they know it. The number of under-35 progressives who actually take the Catholic Church seriously enough to want to staff its institutions is pretty negligible. Of course, the modernists still hold a lot of power- enough to elect a friendly Pope and run the Vatican machinery- and if the cold wind of death prompts them to make a suicidal Banzai charge, they could easily detonate most of the institutional Church in Europe, and big chunks of it elsewhere. Their situation is roughly analogous to that of Soviet leadership around 1979 or so- superficially strong, but well-aware that their days are numbered, which makes them particularly dangerous.
I can't imagine what +Benedict is thinking. I guess he saw what was coming and knew he was too old and just had to let things run their course.
SFG said…
I'm not Catholic, but I never got this whole thing with trying to make specific denominations accept your point of view. I mean, there are hundreds of churches out there, why not go and be Unitarian instead of screwing it up for the Catholics for whom this is the most important thing in their lives? Men have died in the name of the Cross, and now we're afraid of GLAAD?

I admit I'm not religious and don't get it, but...
The deviants can't just take their ball and go home. Their sin impels them to seek validation. When the institution won't give it, they must perforce deconstruct the institution.