Good intentions

It's the thought that counts.
As global civilization stumbles along to a collapse from multiple elements which represent the fruition of our various equality policies, we must reconsider what future we want: do we wish to descend with the rest of the world to third-world status, or rise above and be an example of what steps a civilization must take to evolve? The popular answer will always be to flatter the human individual by declaring that diversity, equality and human rights must take precedence before all else. This however is preference and not reality. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and “wishing does not make it so,” and if our well-meaning help destroys the chances of many for a good life, it is not mercy but cruelty.

We have gone far enough along this road to see what happens with these policies. Equality leads to a rabid mob out of control, drunk on the power of the vote, which spends money it does not have and destroys the value of its own currency. Diversity leads to ethnic groups in constant enmity with each sure it is being victimized any time it encounters an official of another race. Human rights lead to people behaving irrationally and passing the cost on to society at large, turning social order into a circus and leaving no standard of behavior for future generations. We are creating an apocalypse within our society with these policies.

If we care about future generations and the legacy we leave behind, it is incumbent upon us to recognize that we must know when to fish and cut bait — and that it is time to cut bait and move on from these centuries-old policies which have failed time and again. Two centuries of equality and 150 years of diversity have left us with alienated, ruined societies and internal paranoia while the criminal get rich and exploit the middle classes. And for what? We have not built Utopia. We have regressed to the conditions our ancestors struggled to escape, and in the name of good intentions, we have imposed those same conditions upon our grandchildren.

There's apparently a song by a woman named Joanna Newsom called Good Intentions Paving Company. (There's an official music video somewhere). It seems apt, but I never know if artists are self-consciously making traditionalist expressions. Maybe, like my observation on white withdrawal, it's instinctive. Maybe we yearn for heritage and posterity whether consciously or not. As committed as Ms. Newsom may be to the secular liberal ideal on the conscious level, at another level there's a yearning for something deeper, and the suspicion that the current proposition is rather contrived and ephemeral.


Anonymous said…
Is anti-racist code for anti-white?

They call themselves “anti-racist”, but then demand open borders for All white countries and Only white countries? These “anti-racists” completely ignore the histories of slavery, colonialism, wealth, etc. of non-white peoples such as Turks, Japanese, and Arab North Africa.

Why must “diversity” be applied to Anywhere that white people live and Only where white people live? When will America be “diverse enough” – when white people are eliminated altogether?? When will "anti-racists" say that any country or area is "too black" or "too Asian"?

Why do they worry Only about white wealth and living conditions, and never about, say, Japanese wealth and living conditions compared to Lithuanian wealth and living conditions? Why do they say ‘white privilege’ and not ‘wealth privilege’ or ‘credit score privilege’ which would include non-whites faring better than whites?

Why do they fret about Only white majorities, but ignore that white people are less than 10% of the global population, and ignore the non-white majorities in every other country on the planet? Why do they fret about non-whites becoming minorities through mass immigration and assimilation, like in Tibet, but never about the replacement of whites?

What do you call policies that force a race of people into insignificant minorities anywhere they live, and celebrate their engineered elimination as “Progress”? I’d call it Genocide.

It seems anti-racist just means anti-white.