Ahead of the curve

Apparently that video I linked to yesterday from the court eunuchs of the Good Men Project is really making the rounds. Sailer takes it apart here, and so does Radix Journal here.

These jeremiads are getting pathetic. Like gun control, it's really just a Progressivist dog-whistle by hipster whites, begging to be allowed to live unmolested in urban centers. Another example is the "Take Back The Night" crusades at various colleges, which are basically pleas for help from female co-eds at campuses built in the 19th and early 20th centuries that now find themselves in the middle of some uniquely 21st century problems.


Anonymous said…
Wake me up when these people start
"Taking back the Night" by marching through the Muslim 'hoods of Rotterdam.
The Dude said…
Oddly enough Take Back the Night was not a plea for help, but an exercise in womon-power. In Madison, the lesbians who organized the march did not want men marching--or at least only at the back of the parade. I attended once, then ignored it.