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Rotherham, via iSteve.

The victims were trashy, teenaged girls estranged from their fathers. Girls estranged from their fathers have low self-esteem. They are easy marks for smooth-talking exotics who don't share Western delusions about women.

(Other victims/enablers of smooth-talking, murderous exotics):

This will only end with lynch mobs. Because otherwise, it won't end. Government will make some noises, and the Pakistani subculture will go to ground. The government of Britain, like most Western governments, no longer exists to maintain order. It exists to maintain disorder.

The West either slides into a global mean of casual brutality and corruption, or lynch mobs terrorize non-Westerners into commandeering leaky boats headed in the other direction.

Because again, folks, the alternative is the immigrants' homelands. This is not your great-grandparents' Ellis Island. Actually, not even Ellis Island was your great-grandparents' Ellis Island.

This piece really does capture it all:

1. Feminism, and hatred of biological fathers
2. Dystopic and dysgenic welfare
3. Anti-white embrace of the Other
4. Anarcho-tyranny

I'm kidding of course about this being "my last post." But I really could just cut and paste this, over and over.


lannes said…
Instead of smiling at the camera,
women like the first two shown here used to hide from public view.
Toddy Cat said…
There is a humane alternative to surrender or lynching - controlled repatriation by government entities. There are a number of ways that it could be done. But I agree, this certainly won't happen under the current dispensation.
Unknown said…
There was a time in the U.S. such guys would have been killed or lynched. Maybe that's why we don't have it here. We also don't have that many Pakistanis.
Name Withheld said…
Robert Heinlein, in his book "Starship Troopers", thought that that the reversal of Liberalism would come in Scotland. I believe it will come from Northern Ireland. A history of ethnic consciousness, organized violence, and the required infrastructure for it. There is no way something like Rotherham could have happened there.
To bolster Withheld's thesis: They called our children monkeys.

Is your lower lip beginning to quiver? Here's more:

Muslims flee Northern Ireland to escape anti-Islam violence. Soak that in for a moment. Muslims fleeing whites. Ever heard of such a thing? How interesting if the home of The Troubles became the cradle of theirs.
Toddy Cat said…
The Irish Prods are a tough lot. I'd be willing to bet that Rotherham wouldn't have happened there, at least not for long.
Anonymous said…
G.K. Chesterton's The Flying Inn seems weirdly prescient. At the end, if memory serves, the modernist/new-agey Progressive government, which is allied with a base of Muslim supporters, is overthrown by an angry and slightly tipsy column of rowdy English drunks.