Just War Doctrine

Juan Cole is horrified.
“Michele Bachmann took the stage at the Values Voters Summit today, and fired up the crowd with shots at President Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as a firm call for the U.S. to keep killing ISIS terrorists until they surrender...
The Young Turks: “Michele Bachmann’s Frenzied Bloodlust Delights Values Voters”
War against ISIS is entirely justified if people like Juan Cole want continued Muslim immigration. If our borders are to remain open to the Ummah, then radical Islam must be eliminated in its homelands.

We invade the world because we invite the world.


Your Kakistocracy said…
I think of the invading and the inviting as two separate, but parallel impetuses. The American State, having decoupled from its founding nation, wants to accumulate power. Power over its domestic citizenry and power over rival states (and would-be states).

I don't think The State minds radical Islam so much as it minds disobedience. That's who receives military discipline.
Toddy Cat said…
Isn't it Obama's policy to keep killing terrorists until ISIS surrenders? And isn't Obama Juan Cole's beloved president?

The cognitive dissonance this guy must experience is unbelievable. Cole always was a loon, but now he's crossed over into flat-out schizophrenia.