How to increase the incidence of rape on college campuses

Order fraternities to keep women in houses with lots of drunk young men.

Wesleyan orders fraternities to become coed

Eventually though, these fraternities will become safe places for women. That is, they will become sororities, filled with women and their gay friends.

As Bob Wallace puts it, what women enter, men leave.


Anonymous said…
Wesleyan is a nuthouse. I once went on a tour there with a prospective student. To represent their school, they chose some weirdly-dressed fat woman who had "Future Cat Lady" written all over her. She had some absurd, made-up name for her major- it was something art-related, but not so pedestrian as plain old "art". She was blabbing about how you can "pick your own classes, and design your own curriculum", free of any of those pesky "core requirements". "Pay us $50k per year, and we'll let you use the library to teach yourself basket-weaving, or nothing at all", basically. To conduct the interview with the potential student, they chose an upper-middle-class black woman who apparently spent most of the time complaining about how terribly burdened she was by having had to attend an overwhelmingly white, wealthy high school (I'm sure she would have been much happier attending class in the heart of the ghetto). I'm a little surprised that they hadn't outright banned fraternities (or straight males) ages ago.

Notice the effect on social capital- fraternities are where a lot of men network and build lifelong friendships. Without a space of their own to get to know each other, they'll just spend their lives "Bowling Alone". Lonely, unhappy people vote for more power to the government- Steve Sailer has referred to the Democrats as the "Party of Dying Alone" a few times. It's a good reminder that all this egalitarian insanity isn't just spontaneous mass hysteria- it's actively engineered as part of a plan is to melt and disintegrate all the "little platoons" of civil society, so that the managerial state can assume every role.
Northern Refugee said…
On a related note, have you seen this AG?

It is not surprising that women are shocked SHOCKED that men value youth and beauty more than a Masters in Sociology or some amorphous office job. This is what you get when generations of women are raised on feminist pap and stupid romantic comedies. Sure honey, you can devote your life to a meaningless office drone job, wait until 35, and Mr Right will swoop into your cubicle and sweep you off your feet. Then, you can move to a nice hipster neighborhood and raise your 1.5 kids while your husband does his share of the housework. It is sad that these women never had a wise aunt or grandmother who sat them down and explained the facts of life.
Roissy Acolyte said…
What's the problem here? The alpha males on campus are going to run roughshod over those nubile freshmen and teach them properly how to treat real men. Roissy and The Return Of Kings APPROVE of this policy!
Anonymous said…
"The alpha males on campus are going to run roughshod over those nubile freshmen and teach them properly how to treat real men."

I'm not sure there are any "alpha males" at Wesleyan anymore. They have coed bathrooms and the GLBTQWTFBBQIHOPAT&T student center brags to anyone who will listen about its extensive selection of homosexual pornography, when its not demanding that everyone use exclusively gender-neutral pronouns.