Why I'm joining ISIS

Via Radix.com.

Just kidding--I'm not really joining ISIS. But if this sort of thing propagates, I might.

Nick Gillespie of the hilariously inapt "Reason" website describes this freakish display as "powerful." I'm sure the Sunni Arabs are duly impressed.

Clicking around on vice.com, I came across this woman affiliated with Femen painting some unintentionally hilarious slogans on herself and displaying at, of all places, the Montreal Grand Prix. Then she proceeds to get herself handled by big, strong, uniformed men. There's a reason female sexual fantasies don't involve scholarly ectomorphs wearing Birkenstocks.

I'm wondering if bipolar disorder in women is a pathological reaction to men not treating them like women.


Your Kakistocracy said…
Feminists, homos, hipsters, and the remaining menagerie of epicene leftoids are at safe liberty to prance and preen only because of the conservative hetero men that serve as both their guardians and bĂȘtes noir.

They are termites gnawing away at their own foundation. And if the edifice falls, let's note how quickly tongues cease wagging when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or a Charles Taylor are the succeeding authority figures.

We'll learn just how maladaptive myopia can be.
Unknown said…
All the bipolar women I know are divorced, and most of all, never married.
Kak - your comment got me thinking, and sure enough, we have plowed this ground before:


That's why I question my sanity continuing to post on my silly, vanity BlogSpot: the same stupid shit comes up, over and over. And liberals just keep repeating their slack-jawed nostrums: This Time It's Different; Technology; Progress!
Northern Refugee said…

Please keep posting. After all there is nothing new under the sun, so don't be discouraged. As for Femen, et al, the prospect of these women becoming veiled baby factories almost makes the muslim conquest of Europe worth it.
Your Kakistocracy said…
Ha. I feel your pain, my friend. It's a fairly atypical day that I don't think at least once: "Why the hell am I writing this damn blog? Is there someone I am convincing of something? Is the needle being nudged even a nanometer? And then of course I think of career risk, time, effort, return on investment and...I better just stop thinking.

And as you mention liberals, strangely enough my place has been fairly heavily linked lately by a couple of their mid-sized slobber hovels of which I had been previously unaware. One of these sites features routine comment threads dissecting--in a manner of speaking--the content therein.

And "slack jawed nostrums" would be a precise description of the rebuttals. I'm coming around to the notion that, in practical terms, those in the bulge of the left's bell curve are largely semi-autonomous wind-up dolls. The thinking has already been done for them. There is no wit, imagination, insight, or verve in their responses. Just plodding, preconfigured, connect-the-dot dogma. Always, naturally, culminating in The Magic Word.

Though to return to blogging, I think I find the most gratification in virtual camaraderie. And if my operations ever cease, I'll probably continue to haunt this redoubt of our long forlorn Fuck You.