Tennis has a steroid problem

There's a BlogSpot called Tennis Has A Steroid Problem. Tennis, obviously, has a steroid problem.

Lion of the Blogosphere thinks Serena Williams is a not-atypical black female with lots of protein and workouts. I don't know what Lion is talking about. I live in Atlanta and I don't see any black women with the craggy facial features and inflated deltoids of Serena Williams.

Serena is just one of many. Here's Martina Hingis in 1997:

Here's Martina Hingis in 2013 (when her now ex-husband was accusing her of physical assault and serial promiscuity):

Pardon my Anglo-Saxon, but that is a f***ing tragedy.

I saw a great line the past few days but can't remember where: in the modern world, women are treated like men and dogs and cats are treated like children. Of course, both Serena and Martina are childless.


Bert said…
This is off-topic, but holy shit the iSteve comment section has gone majorly downhill recently.
I think the liberals wander over from Juan Cole and Tom Englehardt.
Toddy Cat said…
Yeah, I understand that UNZ wants to give an airing to what he sees as marginalized viewpoints, left and right, but can't he find a few lefties who aren't raving loons? I mean, Cole and Giraldi write as if the actually need some sort of medication.
wild chicken said…
What about usain bolt, or Michael Phelps. They sure look peculiar.
I think it's safe to say every athlete uses PED's at this point. Usain and Phelps do have some highly specialized phenotypes as well