Here we go again

Cherubic black teenager gunned down by evil white racist

But, as Fred Reed observes, we've got a bigger problem here. Trigger-happy, militarized cops are a symptom. Blacks and whites have radically divergent viewpoints, which is why they segregate themselves whenever and wherever they are allowed. Integration only works in highly regimented settings, like the military or NFL or huge corporate employers like Wal-Mart. Hence, a diverse society requires a large security apparatus.

The key fact in this story is that Ferguson, Missouri is about 70% black and all but a few of its police are white. In other words, the tipping point for whites in the private sector was reached long ago, so they’ve been moving away. The public sector whites are hanging on, trying to keep seniority and boost their pensions. But eventually, they’ll leave too. In the interim, there’ll be misunderstandings that boil over into the occasional tragedy given the wildly disparate views between blacks and whites on what’s appropriate public behavior. In a few more years, Ferguson will be monoculturally black and the new, all-black police force won’t bother initiating confrontations over things like loitering and crass behavior. Of course, the Narrative is just this continual replay of Birmingham, Alabama in 1965, so nobody mentions things like Ferguson's changed demographics. And, extrapolating forward, nobody will bother to remember how Birmingham 1965 actually played out, after the black body politic prevailed over the anti-democratic white political power structure. The whites moved away and Birmingham eventually filed for bankruptcy.


You allude to the most profound manifestation of the "civil rights" movement. The ethnic cleansing of whites. In locale after locale, year after year. The societal and monetary equity that has been dissolved in this perpetual flight is incalculable.

That's equality, that's diversity, that's civil rights: A white family fleeing...forever.
Northern Refugee said…
I don't care. I have Negro fatigue. I am tired of their violence, ignorance, magical thinking and whining. We have reordered our society to uplift a race of people whose failure is unrelenting and ubiquitous. Whenever someone asks "Why haven't we gone to Mars? or "Why haven't we cured cancer?", show them pictures of Furgeson. The trillions spent on Negro improvement could easily been spent on more noble pursuits. But instead we tried to overcome genetics with good intentions.
lannes said…
Only whites mind if "white families flee".
Unknown said…
Why do racists paint everyone with BROAD (and usually WRONG) generalizations? Because you're Black you believe this or that. If you're White you believe that or this. A Black person will act like this. A White person will act like that. That is WAY past ignorant.