Deflection, continued

I decided this merited a separate post.

Something that has puzzled me for a while is the fact that every high-profile protest inevitably has some Free Palestine!, Free Leonard Peltier! and Free Mumia! element hanging around. And of course everybody has to do backflips to make sure the drum circle accommodates everybody from the Wiccans to the zoophiles. Even though there's abundant common cause, working-class Americans are going to stay away.

Per my other post, there is some very strange conflation going on, as Giraldi and his friend, Lt. Col. Lorraine, tie in white nationalism to Zionism on the one hand, and Palestinian nationalism to populist Leftism on the other.

There is something slippery about it all. My hypothesis is that leftists have realized social democracy--to the extent it works--must perforce be national social democracy (like the "national" in national socialism) because that's really the only way you get everybody putting their shoulder to the wheel to fund things like old age pensions, neighborhood schools, medical clinics, etc. Otherwise, it's just an ethnic spoils fight, like what we have now.

Therefore, the instant any bit of genuine economic populism, any sustainable social safety net, any true monetary or fiscal reform threatens to break out, it must be instantly conflated with identity politics lest some actual national unity and pride occur. American populist movements might end up actually being ... American. I.e., Hate.