Briefly, why gay marriage is wrong

Gavin McInnes thinks that Marriage is a panacea, as in, if we just allow gays to get married, they'll settle down and jettison their cultural Marxism and stop having promiscuous sex, like Gavin did.

Gavin is heterosexual and a reformed rake who married outside his peer group, because his peer group is so jaded and STD-ridden there's no marriageable females left in it. He thinks marriage is good, which it is, ergo if only homosexuals could experience marriage they'd all settle down and become reformed hipsters, like Gavin has. But what Gavin doesn't realize is that homosexuals can never, ever experience marriage. Marriage, to use a crude metaphor, is how the plug and the outlet find common ground in order to complete the whole human experience. Two plugs or two outlets can't do this. You can offer marriage to whatever couplings the deviant mind can dream up; it won't expunge the pathology from the pathological. Gay marriage is not about turning gays into low time-preference, minarchist conservatives who live behind picket fences. It's about devaluing marriage for all of society by extending it to any and all sexual couplings.

Marriage ties one into the entire great chain of being. It's a little micro-cosmos, a mini-kingdom, the Creation story playing out right there in your living room. Two homosexuals can't recreate that, and I don't care with what level of dignity and refinement they carry themselves or what extruded process they go through to acquire children. The idea that George Takei or Elton John are "married" to their partners will always be a pathetic joke.


lannes said…
... there ARE no marriageable females... Proof! Proof! Proof!
Well, marriage is not a microcosm of anything. It is a pollution of primal nature. Institutional marriage is the reason society has evolved toward the feminine. In a marriage dynamic, unfolded and evolved over centuries, gender egalitarianism has nowhere to go but up. Marriage is absurd and destructive.
Yeah, but roving bands of men who don't settle down will not build anything. And eventually they get killed off by the men who do.

Polygamy means you end up with the Middle East. Polyandry gets you Africa.
Anonymous said…
My impression is that same-sex "marriage" amongst men usually takes place when one aging partner wants to keep his better-looking boyfriend from sleeping around on the side so much, lest he desert the relationship for a younger and better-looking squeeze. This isn't true of anything but a small minority of heterosexual marriages, and most of those are extremely unhappy and short-lived. I've personally heard a "married" homosexual man boast openly about trying to grope a teen-aged visitor right in front of his "spouse".
Hannah said…
So, since the reason why you're against gay marriage is because homosexuals can't procreate, then can I assume that you also want to take marriage rights away from infertile people and people who choose to remain childless their entire lives long? After all, infertile people and people who choose to remain childless are both not procreating just like gay people aren't procreating.
Hannah said…
@Socially Extinct: Why is it a bad thing that society has evolved toward the feminine? Us women aren't evil, you know. Why not try to overcome your obvious misogyny?
Hannah said…
@Lannes: If there aren't any marriageable females, then how come thousands of men end up getting married every single year? Seems to me like you're just bitter that no woman wants to marry your misogynistic ass. So sad, too bad.