Tone deaf

What's also called a "tin ear." I'm actually using this phrase in the context of people who seemingly do not even read or hear what they're saying. Two examples:

1. Tyler Cowen is an active, engaged intellectual who posts on countless topics at his Marginal Revolution. However, he seems strangely incurious about the Middle East beyond the confines of a certain ethno-nationalist state. In fairness to Prof. Cowen, there is a strange incuriousness across the entire media spectrum over the fact that several new countries are being born in the region and the borders blithely drawn up by the retreating British and French are being reworked.

Except, of course, when the wretched flotsam interred in the Gaza Strip--a piece of useless geography connected to nothing--happen to lob a few rockets across the Israeli border. Then, Tyler's intellectual curiosity blossoms. How intriguing. How should Israel respond? What are the implications?

These issues weigh heavily on the minds of Ashkenazi economists here and here.

As I note on the linked threads, Israel is where all that warm, fuzzy-wuzzy talk about open borders, multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism just evaporates into thin air. Once the subect of Israel comes up, then all these economists who are otherwise tearful, Kantian, handwringing towers of Jell-O at the thought of MS-13 gang members being turned away at the Rio Grande suddenly find their blood-and-soil cojones.

The entire region actually seems very instructive on Cathedral tenets of multiculturalism, open borders, democracy and Islamic rule. Of course, that is precisely why everybody is doing backflips around it.

2. Here's kind of a quaint story about a 19-year old Englishman trying to fumble his way back to some sense of ethnic identity and pride, complete with a LARP Knights-of-St.-George getup. The young man is running for a local council seat and voices the unspeakable.
“You can walk down parts of London and not see a white face. That’s not acceptable.

“Havering’s lucky: we have a low level of ethnic minorities here, but that’s changing.

“I can see the change and I don’t want that to happen. It’s not the future I want for my children.

“It’s a bloodless genocide where no one’s really dying but a whole race of people is dying out by forced race mixing.

“It’s done subliminally through advertisements. The average is usually a white 
female and a black male and a mixed race child.

“Because it’s shown 24/7 there’s no escape. They all have the same brain-washing TVs saying this is normal.”
His older, wiser opponent magnanimously refrains from calling for the young man's drawing and quartering, and makes this contribution to the battle of ideas:
“It’s nonsense, his comments are completely ignorant and I find it very offensive,” he said. [White people, of course, positively tingle at the prospect of being offended.]

“The issue really is not multiculturalism but the way we need to expand public services to meet increase in public 
demand. Havering is becoming more multicultural and those who come and work beside us, we would want to have a peaceful existence with them.”

Now if the old fool actually listened to what he was saying, he'd recognize that he has just acknowledged multiculturalism as a consumptive doom loop that ends when all the net payors either move away or are assimilated downward, and the beloved diversity is left stewing in its own juices. And "peaceful existence" means paying the Dane-Geld to keep your unassimilable and implacable enemies quiescent.

None so blind...


Euro-Hindu said…
"Thus not only does democracy make every man forget his ancestors, but it hides his descendants, and separates his contemporaries from him; it throws him back forever upon himself alone, and threatens in the end to confine him entirely within the solitude of his own heart." -Alexis de Tocqueville

Christianity did that long before Democracy. And it hasn't stopped. Christianity won't be satisfied until each and every religion and culture on his planet is completely wiped out except for itself.

I spent years trying to research my familie's pre-Christian roots so I could practice our indigenous European religion and traditions but to no avail. Completely obliterated by C until not even bits and pieces were left to put together like a puzzle.

So lost that I had to convert to a Hindu sect in order to regain some sense of pre-Christian rootedness.
Northern Refugee said…

I wholeheartedly support the Palestinians. Not because I like them (I find them to be the savage adherents of a barbarous religion), but because I hate Israel. Some of this is pure vindictiveness. If WE can't have a homeland, neither can they. However there is a pragmatic side to my desire for Israel's destruction. Maybe, just maybe, without Israel the Jews will realize that the West is the only place for them, they would stop trying to destroy it.

On a different topic, how much of the current Muslim extremism do you think is linked to the creation of a hostile, alien state in their midst?
Ingemar said…
Many question begging assertions there, "Euro-Hindu." The first of them being Christianity is false and the second being everyone must practice their primordial religion.

I can't convince you on the first assertion. On the second, you must realize that the ability to do so is limited by the historical record and the "purity" of one's genetic heritage.

Agreed. In my foolishly ecumenical youth, I supported Israel out of pan-nationalist principles. I could not ask for what I am unwilling to yield, I reasoned. Yes, what nobility in vanquishment. Idiotic.

Now my offer is this: we'll have our nations and they can decamp to the penurious fringes to pen sneered at essays on why they should be able to enjoy the same. To which we will respond: You hate filled supremacist bigots can go to hell.

Though in the meantime, the removal of their bolt-hole would indeed force a reevaluation of their stewardship of our countries--possibly by both parties.
Bert said…
"So lost that I had to convert to a Hindu sect in order to regain some sense of pre-Christian rootedness."

Conrad Goehausen, is that you?
Pangur said…
To me the big question is: does this end in violence? In Britain, or here in the US? Or is there perhaps a splintering, somewhat voluntary that involves unrest but not full-blown clashes? Or perhaps this is a false dichotomy, and whites simply fold tent and go away.

IA said…
"On a different topic, how much of the current Muslim extremism do you think is linked to the creation of a hostile, alien state in their midst?"

Having lived in India for several years I'd say almost none. Jihad, or as you politically correct types like to put it, extremism, is just as bad there or even worse. The media only reports on jihad in India when its so bad it has to. Same with southern Thailand.

As a matter of fact, Pakistan has been fighting a proxy war with India in Kashmir for over 60 years using Afghan fighters.

And then there's the problem of Scandinavian racial/cultural suicide. There are virtually no jews there.
Euro-Hindu said…
" On the second, you must realize that the ability to do so is limited by the historical record and the "purity" of one's genetic heritage."

I'm not practicing my ancestral traditions, they are unfortunately lost due to The New World Order of Christianity. I am practicing Hinduism, despite not being of South Asian ancestry, so no purity of genetic heritage for me. But yes, the historical record of Hindu Civilization is quite extensive.

jacopo.saracini said…
We should certainly let the restive Goths settle within the Empire's borders. They will eventually assimilate and become good Romans. To speed that along, let's let them into the legions. They could even rise to be general. What could go wrong?
Harold Lloyd said…
Personally I like to worship my phallus. I also enjoy flinging turds at my comrades.
Big shout out to muh EM PEE CEE peeps.

E-H: what Hindu sect do you follow? I'm sure they're happy to let you attend and give alms, but I doubt they consider you 'Hindu.'
Kakistocracy said…
IA, there are almost no jews out here in Wyoming either. But somehow they keep getting beamed into my TV and newspaper.

Kakistocracy said…
I'm partial to the Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman.
Rev. Right said…
"The issue really is not multiculturalism but the way we need to expand public services to meet increase in public 

Yes, that's it. We need to give more because they want more. Sounds like an unsustainable positive feedback loop to me. But that kind of thinking is racist.

So it's time to double down on he importation of people who despise us and our way of life but love the accommodations we provide for them. It's just the right thing to do. And doin' right ain't got no end.
IA said…
Kaki, that doesn't say much about your/our esprit de corp.
Kakistocracy said…
IA, describe "that."
Euro-Hindu said…
"I'm sure they're happy to let you attend and give alms"

I generally don't give alms. In fact, I've been on the receiving end of daan myself once or twice. I've noticed that the majority of non-Indians that convert to Hinduism are not wealthy and we are sometimes shocked at the amount of wealth our Indian co-congregationists are in possession of.

"but I doubt they consider you 'Hindu.'"

Oh they do. In fact, contrary to popular belief, Hinduism is not hereditary. Indian Hindus are often very welcoming of non-Indian Hindus, though exceptions are always there.

The only thing that some of them might object to is their sons or daughters marrying non-Indians and this is largely because of our high divorce rates and lack of family values.

Can you blame them?

If you can prove that you come from a large and connected extended family with no divorce then they ease up.

Northern Refugee said…
How dare you question Israel. Don't you know that it is every patriotic American's sacred duty to fight, and if necessary, die to make the world safe for Israel? That every foreign policy discussion must begin with the question "How does it affect Israel"? That all our recent foreign policy adventures, backed by Israel and disinterested patriots like Charles Krauthammer and William Kristol, have brought stability and peace to countries such as Iraq, Libya and Egypt. Israel is our greatest ally (Sean Hannity said so) and they know how to reward their friends. Just ask the British, whose valor in WW2 was repaid by a vicious terror campaign by Israeli heroes like Menachem Begin ( Or the Americans, whose billion in aid has allowed Israel to liberate some of its most valuable state secrets.

And let's not forget the needs of Jews in the West, who have pursued a policy of multiculturalism, equality and mass immigration. They will need a place to flee to when their experiments fully blossom into Third World chaos. It would be unjust to force them to lie in the bed they made, considering their contributions to academia (post-modernism and feminism), politics (multiculturalism, neoconservative warmongering), and popular culture (pornography and the denigration of tradition western archetypes). It would be the height of selfishness to place our own interests above that of a minor state in a far away land peopled by such a magnanimous, trustworthy tribe.