"Migration" is the politically correct term for invasion immigration, the desired nuance being that it's just some natural, tidal phenomenon, like the wildebeests or the Arctic terns. (It's also an appallingly patronizing way to regard people who are otherwise deemed to have moral agency, but let's keep this brief.)

If there's any doubt remaining among any readers that this is nothing less than the welfare state recruiting more constituents, consider that your tax dollars are about to be put to work making sure our future vibrancy can bypass Mexico altogether. We are not the world's policeman, the Left intones. Indeed not, we are the world's social worker.

One under-remarked point: Mexico is not "dangerous." It has abundant resources, jet travel, hospitals, indoor plumbing, a middle class and many very wealthy people. Even granting the wildly hyperbolic first premise--that Honduras and Guatemala are so dangerous life without physical assault is impossible--there is no reason that Hondurans and Guatemalans cannot stop there.

Why are people losing their minds over this? We have ZERO moral obligation to take these people in, no more than you have an obligation to give every homeless person out there a rent-free night on your couch. And the future consequences are going to be awful; we owe no future consideration to our children and grandchildren and the kind of society we leave them?

This is just mass psychosis. I've never seen anything like it.

Folks, you don't have to take my word for it. You can read Alexis du Tocqueville, Hillaire Belloc, William Schwenck Gilbert, Rudyard Kipling, Enoch Powell. This has all been pointed out over and over. What's that old definition of insanity?


Ingemar said…
>>there is no reason that Hondurans and Guatemalans cannot stop there.

Unless of course (are you sitting down? Good) the Mexicans don't want them there.

But that can't possibly it, can it?
Northern Refugee said…
On the bright side, the faster they come here, the faster the whole rotten edifice will collapse.
August said…
This was planned, and the planners actually do have some moral obligation, because U.S. intervention in Honduras & Guatemala has encouraged chaos and violence. But I doubt the planners are actually attempting to fill their moral obligations at our expense; rather they are callously using this to implement more control.
In the old days, if you wanted an empire, you had to march out and take it.
Rev. Right said…
"What's that old definition of insanity?"

Watching someone destroy your country and believing them when they say they aren't.
August said…
The elites look at the latin americans as more docile servant workers. The new world order- kinder gentler captive populations dumbed down to the point where they can't make any trouble.
lannes said…
A brilliant essay that will go entirely unnoticed by the PTB (powers that be).