Mean old world

"My Naked Truth," via Chateau Heartiste.

Ladies (do any females read my blog?), you do not have nearly as much time as you think. Make a man wild about you at your peak of physical attractiveness, bear his children, fit him with a pair of wife goggles and stick with him through thick and thin. And at 59 you had better be a really good grandmother, because you are not even in the minor leagues on any other playing field.

I'm writing this on the internet, because out in the real world it is not my place to be saying this. This is the sort of thing old women used to tell young women.

If women had any sense, they'd demand the repeal of Title VII and refuse to go to college.


Bob Wallace said…
All teenage girls, if not younger, should been told about Love Goggles and how important they are.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I'm a female reader of this blog, and also Chateau Heartiste and other "manosphere" sites that discuss this topic in great detail.
Hello and welcome, ann.

Out in the real world, any suggestion, no matter how muted and respectful your tone, that (1) men have somewhat more options in the latter half of life than women, and (2) women should make their life-choices accordingly, will bring the place down around your ears.