Hobby Lobby enslaves women

I had no idea this was perceived as such a watershed case by the Left. Bible-thumping patriarchs have been turned loose to enslave women and force them to have ten children each.

I was actually surprised to see I have commented on this case before.

I stand by that original post. The issue is not "reproductive choice" but 1) ignorant finance, and 2) that this is even an issue for public debate at the federal level.

In the first place, you can no more "insure" birth control than you can insure the risk that one day you'll need to buy groceries. In the second place, it is impractical (and unconstitutional) for such personal minutiae arising out of private, contractual matters to be the object of federal regulation.

The much-vilified Scalia had it right: no liberal should be happy with Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade. The damage is structural, in the erosion of the federalist system.

There is apparently no matter so personal, or so local or trivial, that a federal case cannot be made of it.


From free will to free pill.