Axios, Sayidna Joseph!

North American Antiochian Orthodox minutiae:

American Antiochians have a new Metropolitan

+Joseph is Syrian-born, and related to +Ignatius, who was Patriarch before +John. Not actually being, ahem, "Self-Ruled," we submit three candidates to the overseas Synod. +Joseph, with his familial connections and recent elevation to archbishop, was widely regarded as a fait accompli. He was something of a sphinx during the dust-up several years ago over the actual status of our bishops. He appears to be an active and engaged bishop from a healthy diocese, and a loyal servant of the Church. May God grant our new Metropolitan many years of service! It has been 38 years since the American Antiochian Archdiocese had a new Metropolitan.

Here are pictures of +Joseph, +Basil and +John, all children of Syrian parents. HBD'ers will note the heavily Greek ancestry.

Here is a picture of the Diocese of Toledo/Midwest's Bishop Anthony. He is of Serbian and Lebanese ancestry and played quarterback in his high school (he is over six feet tall). I call him the Doctor Who of our Archdiocese. My daughter thinks he's awesome.

My bishop is +Antoun, old country Lebanese. He is our reposed +Philip's lifelong friend and a passionate follower of Christ. +Antoun is the one who told +Anthony to get into the bishopric, ready or not.


Bert said…
Come on man, you're doing it again.
Anonymous said…
Basil did not actually get the most votes at the convention. It was nearly a tie between him and Joseph, with the latter having a slight lead, together garnering about 80% of the vote. John had about 10%.
Thank you. You speak with some more assurance than my source, so I'll edit the post.
Anonymous said…
It's also been 48 years since a new metropolitan, not 38.
Dear God. I'm not sure I even want that fact public.