Ancient history

Did you know that the US government used to enforce the public charge doctrine?

Do you know what the public charge doctrine is?

The Chief Kakistocrat explains.


Anonymous said…
When I was 11 or 12, our entire grade in school did a huge Ellis Island role-playing game. I was given the part of an immigration officer charged with collecting job references and employment information from prospective immigrants. Some of the other students became real method-acting hams and got really into their parts- I had several people lie to my face about nonexistent references (I grilled them until they cracked), while another guy's character apparently didn't have enough English to even understand the questions, answering alternately "Yes" or "No" to everything.

I guess it was intended as a propaganda exercise to get us to sympathize with the huddled masses, but the main thing I learnt was that a non-negligible fraction of those who come through immigration are either shameless con artists who don't intend to work, or non-Anglophones who can't hope to integrate quickly into American society.