The Fall of Iraq

Sunni Militants drive Iraqi Army from Mosul, via Vox Popoli.

And, via Rod Dreher, is Baghdad about to fall?

Time for a review:

1. Democracy is a process.
2. Multiculturalism is a ticking time bomb.
3. Ethnic nations exist; propositional nations are imposed.
4. When the State's ersatz civil order breaks down, libertarian ideology is not what results. Rather, the police and military leave to go protect their families.
5. Americans make terrible imperialists.

It would be nice to rush to the roof of my house and scream "We were right!" through a megaphone, but that would be unseemly and inconsequential.


Gyan said…
Don't Shia Arabs and Sunni Arabs belong to a single nation and what is happening is a war of religion, similar to what roiled Europe in 16-17C?
They all speak Arabic and they all live in Iraq. But if Shia marry Shia and Sunni marry Sunni, then they start generating different ancestries.
Bert said…
Gyan is a troll who just shows up to annoy.
He's making his backhanded argument for a multi-ethnic nation which can exist in certain circumstances, like when a nuclear-armed federal authority makes everybody pretend to like each other.
Gyan said…
Race and ethny needs to be more precisely defined so that these concepts can be usefully applied.

For instance. it is both true that race IS a social construct
and a biological entity.

Given the widely spanning genealogical trees, the race depends upon where one chooses to slice these trees.

For instances, 19C Europeans were concerned with Nordic, Celtic, Latin and Slav races but in 20C America, they are all subsumed (along with Jews) in the White race.

And common ancestry? How much common ancestry an English laborer have with the Queen?
And common ancestry? How much common ancestry an English laborer have with the Queen?

More than with a Nigerian or Pakistani.
Gyan said…
And what if he has none?
Who is keeping tabs?

The biological definition of 'race' does not work and no more does the reduction of the concept of Nation to race/ethny.

Chesterton debunked race-realists in Heretics more than a hundred year ago. But the race-realists continue to ignore any view that is not amenable to them.
And what if he has none?

What, no ancestors?

Who is keeping tabs?

People. Who marry within +5/-5 IQ points of each other, broadly favoring a similar cultural outlook and aesthetic, and within their physical proximity. Race is a biological phenomenon that is socially constructed.

If you want to observe an accelerated, artificial equivalent, look at dog breeds. Or sparrow and warbler subspecies.

Chesterton lived in the very heart of White Whiteydom from which, presumably, he could declare that race didn't exist. Chesterton would have loved to have seen this.

Also, you seem to have missed this post. There are some questions for you to consider.
Gyan said…
What is an Anglo-European?

Chesterton did not declare that race did not exist. His point was that the Nation is not reducible to race.

From 19C English perspective, the European races are Nordic, Celtic, Latin, Slav and Semitic (meaning the Jewish nation).

From 21C American perspective, you are talking about a White race. What happened to the old race? How and where did they lose the biological significance?
You're not really addressing any of my points, and I'm unclear what yours are. Yes, humanity is more diverse than a nominal category of Anglo-Europeans. Yes, nations include culture; Jews can be more European than Levantine. It still doesn't prove your Catholic hugfest ever gets off the ground.