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Sailer appears to be transitioning to a permanent home at Here's a good post at Steve's new stomping grounds on the meaning of race, that is, with whom you share your ancestors. This apparently befuddles a lot of people, including anthropologists like Jennifer Raff, Ph.D. There is a long comment thread by very savvy people. I ask some questions at the (current) very end:
Do dog breeds exist, or are they a social construct? We can breed wolves with dogs, does that mean the wolf/dog distinction is useless and irrelevant?

If we can breed canis lupus familiaris for behavioral traits, why not homo sapiens?

If intelligence aids survival and reproductive fitness, wouldn’t it have a genetic component, just like strength, agility, lactose tolerance, etc.? (Humans consistently mate within about a half-SD on the IQ curve, by the way.)

I can look at a picture of Jennifer Raff and a picture of Rachel Jeantel and tell you what genetic testing would confirm: Jennifer has fewer ancestors in common with Rachel than she does with other Anglo-Europeans. It’s not just a social construct.
We seem to have all gotten along a lot better when we took as a given what our eyes told us: we are more closely related to some people than to other people. As I keep asking, where else does "diversity" come from?


Scotsman said…
Considering what Unzism has previously meant (he destroyed AmCon - which is now some kind of crunchy, gay marriage supporting libertarian rag), I'm not sure I feel too pleased about the move.
I think the progression at TAC was Buchanan/Taki to Unz to some other folks.

Let's be optimistic; maybe Unz has come around.
Bert said…
Unz never actually controlled TAC. The magazine has been driven by Scott McConnell and Daniel McCarthy for a long time. Unz was kicked out primarily because he refused to stop writing things that painted blacks in a negative light.