Iraq, continued

Another post on Iraq, from the esteemed Jerry Pournelle. Please click through and read. He agrees with me, so he is clearly a man of wisdom.

Also, I somehow ended up in a pissing match in a remote corner of the Internet. Here's somebody accusing me of hating white people.


Scotsman said…
I admit, I too have grown a little weary of the masses of internet Larpian Orthodox 'converts' that do not seem to exist in the real world, so it is easy for this attitude to bleed over toward the more general orthodox who are just living their lives as they always have (not at all directed at you since you married into your church).

But I don't really understand that guy's point.
Porter said…
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Porter said…
AG, you must concede that your antagonist in that thread was performing as a healthy lymphocyte should: identify a pathogen and attack it.

In your case it was a misidentification, though in fairness you did present a common bacterial marker. I'd suffer such an assault smiling primly at his robust immune response.
Gyan said…
Hugh Fitzgerald at the Iconoclast blog thinks that the spectacle of Shia-Sunni war would have edifying consequences for the Western opinion on the (non-)desirability of mass immigration from the Middle East and the Third World in general.
I'm not sure what Hugh Fitzgerald is thinking. The prospect of Shia-Sunni, and Indigenous-Iberian warfare on US soil is a bonanza for US government employment.
Bruce said…
Will Obama support a coup against Maliki, following JFK's example with Diem? Lightweight Prez annoyed by furriner mess making him look bad, listens to clever-silly advisors telling him to be 'decisive'- hey, they're probably using the magic word 'surgical' about a Mideast coup. Doctor Obama, wield the scalpel!The Best and Brightest promise no comebacks!