Glorious news

Armenian Church in Canada has new Primate
On Saturday, June 2, the Canadian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church elected the Very Rev. Fr. Abgar Hovakimyan as its Primate. His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America wrote a congratulatory letter to the newly elected Primate wishing him renewed strength and vigor in his Primacy as the spiritual leader of the Armenian-Canadian community.

Fr. Abgar Hovakimyan was educated in Armenia and Austria and was ordained to the Sacred Order of the Priesthood in 1996 at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. He has served as Pastor of the Holy Savior Church in Batoumi; as diocesan vicar of the Diocese of Georgia and of the Diocese of Syunik and has served in the Diocese of Canada.

From 2011 to 2014, Father Abgar served as Locum Tenens of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Bulgaria.
Why is there an "Armenian Church in Canada?" Why wouldn't Armenians in Canada answer to a Canadian primate? Wasn't there something that happened in 1872 that addressed this sort of thing? I assume it was important, because when some young American-convert-nobody makes noises about a "white" Church in America drawn around Anglo-European lines, he gets excommunicated.

I assume, therefore, that this passes canonical muster because Canada is not a nation but empty terra nova, enabling the Armenians to set up their own nation within the geographic coordinates known as "Canada."

By the way, what is the "Diocese of the Armenian Church of Bulgaria?"

Of course, the Armenian Church is a non-Chalcedonian Church, so presumably in the absence of any other non-Chalcedonian Churches, they get to set one up on Canadian soil. But it turns out there's also the Ethiopian Orthodox Tawehedo, and there's also the Assyrian Orthodox. And the Egyptian Copts.

Maybe it's just time to admit that diverse nations need their own Church with their own cultural expressions.


dp said…
The simple answer would be, as a non-Chalcedonian Church, they probably feel no need to abide by any decision (that post-dates 450AD) coming out of Constantinople.
I tried to address that, not too clearly though. I'm trying to make the broader point that Armenians insist on being Armenian, even though they live in Canada. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's apparently sinful when Anglo's and Europeans try to do it.

That aside, how long do the Armenians think they can keep this up? Are there really enough of them cohering in North America that they don't outmarry?

I once asked a Carpatho-Russian Orthodox on a blog how long he thought they would be "Carpatho-Russian." He wouldn't answer.
August said…
There are probably enough grand kids who don't speak church Armenian and mostly identify as Canadians now to warrant discussions about English liturgies.

But the real issue here is that in the old days, every class of people in a place went to the same church- now the poor and non-intellectual migrate to whoever talks purty. The more sophisticated find Latin or Greek interesting, which is interesting, but ultimately does nothing for 'the people' i.e. those people you have to live next to- the people we used to imagine were neighbors.

The more sophisticated find Latin or Greek interesting, which is interesting, but ultimately does nothing for 'the people' i.e. those people you have to live next to- the people we used to imagine were neighbors.

That would be provincial. Bigoted.

Elaborate liturgies and arcane theology are enjoyable hobbies for higher-g white people.
August said…
Every once in a while it dawns on a man that the defect barring him from explaining some thing good and right to his fellow man might not reside in his argument. I am from the South and was interested in politics since I was fifteen- you can bet I've banged my best arguments against bricks of many colors until the last little drops of egalitarianism eked out of me. But if I am ever given leave to, I'll build a house with whatever bricks I have to hand, and it might stand too, because I know which bricks work where.
Bert said…
Anti-Gnostic, I love your blog, but please stop writing about Orthodox this and Orthodox that. You're starting to sound like the fatass Daniel Larison, which is not a compliment. Nobody really cares one way or the other anyway.
IA said…
I for one find relating race and christianity very interesting indeed. I believe the current zeitgeist in the west hasn't the foggiest idea what it is going to replace christianity with. It ad libs as it goes along, the whole while obsessing on scapegoating white male pagans and trad christians, the people who created the west. And spending money it no longer has. The system is in palintropos, unnatural, turning against the ancient and quite possibly genetic-inspired spiritual order. This is why both trads and gnostics appear at times to be insane to each other.
Anonymous said…
Unlike Bert, I find these posts quite interesting, for what it's worth.