Death of the West, in one sentence

Further to my previous post, commenter Steve_Barrie at Byzantine, Texas sees no reason for Orthodox to actually make their own babies:
Why bigger families? What about all the unwanted children of the world. Why not adopt?
Why, indeed? Why raise your own flesh and blood--raise somebody else's flesh and blood! The off-screen parents get the roll in the hay, you get the abandoned child, the lifelong expense, and raising an exotic genotype in an alien culture. Family's just a construct--we make it whatever we want, right? What could possibly go wrong?

So Orthodox women, continue to take synthetic hormones. Postpone marriage and childbearing for your graduate degree and all-consuming career. Orthodox men, work hard so you can afford to raise the fruit of another man's loins!

I mean, holy shit, when I rattled a phrase off about American converts hostile to the notion of large, extended families in the pews, I really was just speculating. But this stuff apparently writes itself.

I'm with Derb on this: What in God's name is wrong with white people?


August said…
The progressive virus. This is one of the reasons why I had a serious crisis of faith- this guy is presumably partaking of the sacraments in a church I was taught had the valid sacraments, but much like the folks who were in the church I was brought up in, he thinks in a way that suggests the sacraments have no effect on him. I have developed an impression that there is an interdict on the planet- one that our various authorities are not aware of.
Northern Refugee said…
I'm with August. I was born, baptized and raise in the Orthodox faith. However, I no longer hold any Christian faith. Part of my spiritual disengagement is that so much of modern Christianity is suicidal. Many denominations have become downright Satanic.
lannes said…
There are more lemmings among us than you think.
Michael said…

I think the answer to your question is here:

Make of this what you will.
Anonymous said…
@Northern Refugee

I would like to read your story. Have you posted it anywhere?
August said…
I still hold to Christ; the Christians I doubt. I think they are practicing some version of a cargo cult since the revolutionary period took out the competent people.

The Christian religion was an antidote to religion, before it started degenerating into superstition. There will always be people who are basically just superstitious, but we had a praxis through which to handle them, limit their damage to the rest of the community. Now the superstitious people end up in charge whenever the sociopaths don't.