Christendom, currently

Bert suggests there's too much Orthodoxy around these parts. Point taken. "You're starting to sound like the fatass Daniel Larison..." Ouch. I try to be the Anti-The American Conservative.

Commenter IA says, "I for one find relating race and christianity very interesting indeed. I believe the current zeitgeist in the west hasn't the foggiest idea what it is going to replace christianity with."

And, simultaneously, Christendom hasn't the foggiest idea what it is going to replace the Holy Roman Empire with.

The Roman Church has struggled with a Europe--her former proud heart--permanently traumatized by two world wars. Europe, outside a surprisingly vigorous Lutheran/Evangelical/Catholic remnant, is largely atheistic, with a growing Muslim minority. +Benedict (Ratzinger) was the last of his kind. His successor, +Francis, is an Argentine South American. +Francis's successor will be South American, or Filipino or African. Rome looks to the Global South and social democracy.

Byzantium has withdrawn deep into its Hellenistic past. Byzantium is delusional. If they can snap out of it, they should just all decamp to Athens. Except the Greek economy is no longer creating any jobs.

I have no idea what's going on in Potato Land (traditionalist bastion or pathetic Slav shithole--I hear both versions.) My impression is the old fire still smolders in Catholic Poland, Orthodox Serbia and Russia and elsewhere. They may be a bunch of vodka-swilling rednecks with family feuds but they have something we don't: the Church still retains the loyalty of their elite, and there is no question as to her place in the public square.

Right now, America is the most important country in the world. We are living in the Pax Americana, which started in 1945. In US cities, you can drive ten blocks in any direction and run into a church. On my route to my church, I pass in the following order, a Jehovah's Witness hall, a Baptist church, a Lutheran church, a Melkite church, a Mormon tabernacle and an Episcopal church. The Episcopal and Catholic cathedrals are literally one block from each other, with a large Baptist church between them. This is why Christian evangelism is finished in the United States.

America is also schizophrenic. America is a Christian fortress, but its elite are universalist atheists. Support for American power is support for universalist atheism. Eventually, America's non-elite will figure this out.

I could write about this all day. Somebody could put together a really good book on Christendom, along the lines of Gibbon's work on the Roman Empire. Christendom was THE phenomenon, like the Muslim explosion in its latitudes. It's important stuff, because in our culture Christianity is the last tie to the metaphysical. (Think about the last secular ceremony you attended and how sterile it was. Contrast that with a wedding, funeral or baptism.) If Christendom disappears, the present is all there is and it is lights out. TFR craters and you're replaced by a non-secular culture. We're in the interregnum between Christendom and whatever comes next.


Bert said…
I didn't mean to offend you. Really, I didn't! I'm all for you talking about race and Christianity. I prefer to hear about those things, honestly.

It's just that lately you've been delving into the minute details of the various East European churches and why making diaspora churches was a bad idea. That's good and all, but it turns off anyone who isn't part of that.
No offense taken. I submit those minutiae are telling us something.
Unknown said…
Christendom is over. The Germanic usurpation of the Papacy sparked the Great Schism, which sparked the Reformation, and then we had the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

From before the Reformation until after the Enlightenment much of what had always been Christendom was dominated by the Ottomans until the Great Powers (including "Holy Russia") decided it was time to give the Christians their own countries.

So long-deceased Byzantium was partitioned into new nation-states with new and improved progressive, Enlightenment governments. And now those countries have some of the lowest birthrates and highest abortion rates in Europe.

It's frustrating how determining our own destiny is always out of our control. It seems the best we can do is hope that Christians start caring about fertility rates.
IA said…
Nice writing. You definitely fill a gap in the white male, traditional, alpha-game thing going on. I strongly encourage you to continue. Afraid I can't heip much about the slavs although I knew a young man from slovakia in the 90s who had no multiculti delusions. Speaking of slovakia, it turns out Andy Warhol made all sorts of christian icon-type paintings kept out of sight by the curatoriat. He, it turns out, made more christian images than any other 20th cent artist. Found out via a documentary from Netflix.
Northern Refugee said…

The late Lawrence Auster once said that orthodox religion would replace liberalism. The question is, which one? In Europe, the answer is clear: Islam. The Muslims are the only ones having kids. In the US, there are still large pockets of high Christian fertility in the South and Utah. Otherwise, it is curtains for traditional America. I think the US will split up as the empire decays and the welfare state implodes. We are no longer a nation, just an amalgamation of tribes who don't really like each other, held together by food stamps. The day the EBT cards stop working is the day America ends.
Yes. Time to hunker down and prepare for the post-Christian era. But people still refuse to believe we are headed into the post-Christian era.
August said…
We once had a message that attracted pagans- pagans educated in Greco-Roman philosophy. The wisdom once held within Christendom was taken out and replaced with a romantic, emotional appeal.
It is easily seen on the internet- a variety of people, pagan or not, seeking to improve themselves. Anyone really trying to improve themselves shall be attracted to perfection. Christians do not show their relationship to perfection and have substituted instead some picture of an old man with a long white beard.

In times of great unrest, there is danger, but there is also a higher likelihood that the actions of a few can have far reaching effects.
lowly said…
What comes next is a change of dominant empire. One that isn't the US. Empires tend to expire every 250 years or so.

Should bring some real chaos and poverty when the US goes. That's the sort of thing that'll put religion back on the front burner for many folks. 1776 plus 250 is 2026, so that's not that far off.

Jesse said…
Very interesting posts on your blog! I'm enjoying looking through some of them, and this post right here especially struck me. I came across your blog through the comment you left on the ByzTex announcement of (a website which I created and manage). Thanks for that insightful comment on ByzTex... to which I just replied, several months after the fact!