Allah Akbar

Smart, disciplined, fit and well-armed. And absolutely motivated.

Modern Christendom has no response to such men. They are the hammer of God.


Bernard Brandt said…
Modern Christendom has no response to such men.

If Christians ever respond in self-defense against Muslim militants, the first to condemn them will be their own Patriarchs.
Anonymous said…
Just wait a week or so, you will see the response all over the news. Aerial bombing on way.

Didn't one of the Patriarchs already call for Christians to defend themselves in Syria?
Bert said…
If you think that Hussein Obama's military is going to do anything to protect Christians, then I have some bad news for you...
You think Francis of Lampedusa is going to suggest anything like that?

Antioch, Constantinople and Alexandria are ghettoes. They won't be calling for anything other than begging to be left alive.
CJ said…
There is no modern Christendom. The two World Wars killed it. If a new Christendom arises, it will be led by Russia or a Chinese Constantine.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, Christianity in the West certainly seems dead to me. Even in the allegedly religious USA, so-called Christians are mostly cultural leftist regime loyalists and/or flag-worshiping Christian Zionists.

Porter said…
Obviously these men would slit our throats as casually as a chicken's--immigration visas can't be long in coming. And while they are sworn hostiles, their passion and virility are something to witness.

Compared to the spiritually desiccated husks of european man, it may as well be a separate species. They pledge their lives to defeating their enemies--while western clerics pledge theirs to defeating racism.

Whose doctrine, I don't wonder, will persevere to future generations?
Northern Refugee said…
I have turned my back on modern Christianity. You judge a tree by the fruit it bears. What does western Christianity bear? Weakness, stupidity and cultural suicide. It has become the dodo bird of the modern world; too stupid to survive. While the mainline churches are encouraging their members to adopt African children and sponsor Somali refugees, the muslims are breeding and preparing for war. Barring a miracle, they will inherit the earth.
Unknown said…
So is there any hope? AG, do you think that the EU will continue inviting immigrants who outpace native European birthrates? There has to be at least a handful of people in positions of power who see the suicidal outcomes of policy that encourages multiculturalism. It seems the ideological pendulum can't swing forever to the left.
TK - I don't know. A turning point could be when the elite finally realize there's no place left to which they can withdraw to give their kids a shot at the same living standards..
Northern Refugee said…

The South Africans never woke up. They seem content to be slaughtered by Bantu and watch their nation descend into 3rd world chaos.
Porter said…
South Africa is precisely the counterpoint to so many "it has to turn" arguments. There it hasn't turned and no indication exists to indicate it will. Just a slow grind to eradication.

The stoicism that our people once deployed in enduring war and privation has now been turned toward silently suffering our own removal.

I often think that if any element of civilization survives, it will only be through molting off the skin of our cherished, but failed, culture.

Surviving whites are going to be culturally unrecognizable in the traits they will be forced to adopt.
Bernard Brandt said…
All right, then. Since no one is going to parse my rather gnomic statement of "yet", then I shall be happy to do so.

Rather like Spain when the Moors decided they liked Al Andalus, and wanted to keep it for themselves, the Spanish Christians finally decided that they did not like the status of dhimmis, or paying jizya, and decided to carry on cranky until they managed to kick the lot out in 1492.

Or rather like the current situation in Japan, where they don't allow members of a religion in that considers Buddhists or Shintoists to be worthy of conversion by the sword.

Or rather like the Christians, Hindus, or Buddhists in the Philipines or Indonesia, or elsewhere, who are tired of the sharia BS and are willing finally to stop the conversions by sword.

As that eminent philosopher, H.L. Mencken, once said,"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats".

The only question to be asked is: when.
Anonymous said…
"The stoicism that our people once deployed in enduring war and privation has now been turned toward silently suffering our own removal."

Funny you mentioned Stoicism, the Stoic philosophic School was created by Zeno of Kition, a Levantine merchant (maybe a Jew) in Athens, his book about Stoicism was a perfect Communism, only a couple hundred years later that Stoicism was changed enough to adquire the current meaning.
Bernard - the concern is that Christianity has become like the dodo bird: too stupid and weak to survive. (h/t Northern Refugee)
Bernard Brandt said…

Yes, the concern is legitimate: of the allegedly trad religions, the Roman Catholicism of Europe and the U.S. might best be described as both acephalic and quadriplegic; the churches of the Reform in those countries, if anything, are further advanced in their myesthenia gravis; and the Patriarchates of Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria and Constantinople have been dhimmis for so long that I do not believe that any of them could even think of calling for a New Crusade.

But I am more hopeful as to the Christians of Africa, South and Central America, the Philippines, and particularly China. The Slavs of Russia and Serbia also have shown themselves willing and able to face and to beat the Tatar, the Turk, and the Mongols. And maybe they can wake up Europe and the U.S.
When I think of modern Christendom in relation to "modern" Islam, I can only make an analogy: a fluffy ball of white fur, 4-inch legs and a stubby snout, contrasted with a Gray wolf, panting, fangs coated with blood from a fresh kill in the Canadian tundra.