Don't hug women.

This caught my eye, because I realized I don't hug women.

Women get a handshake, or a kiss. Old, young, family, friend.

Of course, running up to women you just saw last week and kissing them will ramp up the creep vibe in short order, so a friendly nod and wave will do.

Hugs are for socially awkward losers. It is appropriate to let women hug you.

My daughter's boyfriend seems to have this instinctive aloofness--the lad shows promise. But he needs to work on his interactions with men.


Porter said…
You don't hug your wife and kids? That almost shows me right there I'm not a sufficiently hard man for this blogging business.
I don't even sit down at home. I sleep in a relaxed fighting stance.
Porter said…
That's good--I laughed.
Anonymous said…
"It is appropriate to let women hug you."

Also, any woman who is not the woman in your life should only get at most one arm from you when she comes in for a hug, ideally at a slightly indirect angle. Two-armed, directly-facing hugs are for blood kin or wives/fiancees/girlfriends only.
Jumpsuit said…
I hug women if only because it's the only socially acceptable way to cop a feel.

I go to EDM parties where hugging complete strangers of either sex is rather common.
Bumbling American said…
lol at anybody who doesn't mediate every interaction through anonymous Web forums
Bob Wallace said…
When women do the huggie thing with each other - I always think they don't mean it. I actually find it a bit creepy.