Not actually as bad as Pat thinks

Brendan Eich, homophobic bigot.

“There is a gay mafia,” said Bill Maher, “if you cross them you do get whacked.”

Maher, the host of HBO’s “Real Time,” was talking about the gay activists and their comrades who drove Brendan Eich out as CEO of Mozilla. Eich, who invented JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla in 1998, had been named chief executive in late March.

Instantly, he came under attack for having contributed $1,000 to Proposition 8, whereby a majority of Californians voted in 2008 to reinstate a ban on same-sex marriage. Prop 8 was backed by the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church and the black churches, and carried 70 percent of the African-American vote.

Though Eich apologized for any “pain” he had caused and pledged to promote equality for gays and lesbians at Mozilla, his plea for clemency failed to move his accusers. Too late. According to The Guardian, he quit after it was revealed that he had also contributed—“The horror, the horror!”—to the Buchanan campaign of 1992.

That cooked it. What further need was there of proof of the irredeemably malevolent character of Brendan Eich?

"Mozilla" has a complicated corporate structure. From Wikipedia:
The Mozilla Corporation (abbreviated MoCo) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation that coordinates and integrates the development of Internet-related applications such as the Firefox and SeaMonkey web browsers and the Mozilla Thunderbird email client by a global community of open-source developers, some of whom are employed by the corporation itself. The corporation also distributes and promotes these products. Unlike the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla open source project, founded by the now defunct Netscape Corporation, the Mozilla Corporation is a taxable entity. The Mozilla Corporation reinvests all of its profits back into the Mozilla projects.[3] The Mozilla Corporation's stated aim is to work towards the Mozilla Foundation's public benefit to "promote choice and innovation on the Internet."[4]

A MozillaZine article explained:

"The Mozilla Foundation will ultimately control the activities of the Mozilla Corporation and will retain its 100 percent ownership of the new subsidiary. Any profits made by the Mozilla Corporation will be invested back into the Mozilla project. There will be no shareholders, no stock options will be issued and no dividends will be paid. The Mozilla Corporation will not be floating on the stock market and it will be impossible for any company to take over or buy a stake in the subsidiary. The Mozilla Foundation will continue to own the Mozilla trademarks and other intellectual property and will license them to the Mozilla Corporation. The Foundation will also continue to govern the source code repository and control who is allowed to check in."

Mr. Eich was apparently escorted out of Mozilla Corporation by the head of the Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell Baker:

The Mozilla Foundation is non-profit, which means it's a business that doesn't have to pay taxes. Businesses that don't have to pay taxes can get away with all sorts of things, like having batshit-crazy lesbians as their chief executives. If Mozilla had to pay taxes, it would lose its advantage in the marketplace and have to hire some non-pathological individual to run things instead.

And that is all that is happening here: a cloistered, non-profit foundation has been taken over by homosexuals so the straight men are leaving or being driven out. It happened with the Episcopal Church. It happened with Broadway. It's happening in, of all places, the AKC and the US military. Mozilla will become increasingly radicalized and dysfunctional, because that's what happens when pathological people take over an organization.

Eventually, nobody in their right mind will do business with Mozilla. It will be an insane organization run by and for the insane, supported (if at all) by rent-seeking and transfer payments. When Mozilla runs out of externalities to support itself, it will either re-tool and get the straight guys who invent and maintain things back, or it will disappear.


Anonymous said…
"The Mozilla Foundation is non-profit, which means it's a business that doesn't have to pay taxes. Businesses that don't have to pay taxes can get away with all sorts of things..."

I've come to the conclusion that much of the Education-Industrial complex exists purely to facilitate the creation of these kinds of untaxable quasi-monopolies. As "non-profit" organizations, universities can create all kinds of wholly-owned corporate subsidiaries that compete in the market with "real" corporations, but are exempt from most of the taxes and regulations that burden them, with obvious competitive advantages. The profits made by said companies can't be directly paid out to the school's trustees as if they were stockholders, but the money still gets used to build up the school's prestige and influence, which benefits all those affiliated with the school in a general, indirect way.
Anonymous said…
Maher speaks with the immunity that only a true outfit can guarantee. Rick Sanchez.