At busy-work in the fields of the Lord

Truly the laborers are many, the latest from Contra Niche.

Please click through to a blog worth exploring. My comment:

I go to an Orthodox parish that is literally across the street from an Episcopal parish. Through a long-ago fluke of zoning, our parish has neighbors who can look out their windows and see our processions. And we ring a bell for the start of Divine Liturgy. So far, no Episcopalians or neighbors wandering in.

The hilariously obvious rebuke to Christian evangelism: Muslims coming to the US to be good Muslims.

"Backwards-looking" is a new term I've started using. Mention "the poor" to most clergy, and they think about London chimney-sweeps and Okies living in tents, not loud, fat women with hoop earrings or schizophrenic vagrants with broken brains. "Immigrants" brings up images of Tevye packing up ahead of the Cossacks, not Mexicans for whom $300/week and 6 people to an apartment is astounding good fortune. That's a PS3/Grand Theft Auto-lifestyle, right there. So with the evangelists. They think "Paul before Herod Agrippa." They're actually just "Anti-Gnostic ranting on the internet."

Time for the Church to look inward, and shepherd her flock through the coming Pagan epoch.

Contra Niche is commenting on an OP from the Ochlophobist blog, which has some follow-up here. Suffice to say I don't think ecumenicism is going to be breaking out all over any time soon. Personally, a few minutes of ecumenicist happy-talk and my fight-or-flight instincts start kicking in.