Orthodox eye candy

From Primatial Service at the Church of Archangels in Istanbul.

I don't know who all is behind the Orthodox Cognate PAGE, but they seem to be gathering steam as an Orthodox news portal.

Update: More photos, Hierarchical Liturgy. Also, the Antiochian delegation apparently left early over the dispute with the Jerusalem Patriarchate.


Anonymous said…

This is a dated story, and I know the NYT reports, as always, with malice, but what do you make of this story?
I don't make much of it at all. I doubt the Patriarch is personally shopping for $30K watches--it was probably a gift.

How simply or how extravagantly should the head of a Local Church live? I have no idea.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, that sounds logical. The moral outrage over a 30K$ watch in a town where $500k watches are not unheard of is hard to stomach. On the other hand, air-brushing is better left to the MSM team.