In stunning policy reversal, Anti-Gnostic expresses support for Ukrainian popular revolt

Via iSteve. I don't think things are going to turn out in Ukraine the way the social democrats in the EU and the US are fantasizing they will.


Porter said…
That's a beautiful woman with a tantalizing smirk. I'd definitely take some 8 shot at range for that. Though if the thermobaric ordnance gets broken out, it's protest over.

Though it's difficult to choose a rooting side in this. I can't help but presume the Ukrainian nationalists, whatever the merits of their intent, are simply pawns of the global west. I'd like to think their victory won't result in 10 years hence of Goldsteins throwing open the gates to Mansoors. Though the track is fairly worn on that.

On the other hand Russian nationalists have little comforting to say on Putin and his own multikult agenda.

Eternally, the question is not whether white men will face down death, but whether they will face down "racist!" And fuel-air bombs are nothing to that weapon.
With respect to Ukraine, I cynically think the only stakes are Who-Whom among Ukrainians but that is an interesting video.

I have yet to observe the slightest introspection from the diversity uber alles crowd arising from the fact that every war on the planet right now is civil.
Porter said…
I presume their response to civil war--as of course diversity eternally cultivates--is that it is better to have wars within borders than between.

But that's just my own anthropomorphizing of these creatures.
Toddy Cat said…
West Ukraine was the center of popular resistance to Communism, as well as where the greatest number of casualties from the terror-famine were located, so I can see why they hate anything that smacks of Russian domination, and I can't help but wish them well. But I fear the worst. The people of Ukraine have seen thier courage and love of country misused and misdirected so many times...