Fun with Mark Shea

Read it, before he deletes the thread.


Scotsman said…
I see you're already colliding with tradcat-liberals. Good work.

Telling comment:

"The ideal "Catholic monarchy" was the House of Hamburg, and if anything was a multinational blob it was the Austrian Empire."

I assume he's referring to that Catholic empire that exploded and took out all of Western civilization with it.
Bert said…
Don't you just love assholes who take themselves so seriously that they can't believe somebody would pull a prank like this on them?

Maybe Mark could get a job at TAC.
Porter said…
Well you certainly predicted that, Mr. Cayce.

One becomes unpleasantly inured to the botnet of self-renouncing whites. A congenial split would probably streak the fewest cheeks. They to march with glittering eyes into their brownish-yellow future. And we to live peacefully in our remaining sovereign states. But of course that would mean a future where a white child would be born into a white family. And that child would be nurtured in a safe, supportive white community. And that's simply a future too terrible for them to contemplate.
Scotsman said…
"Comments for this thread are now closed."

There you go, A-G.
HEL said…
Man, how could anyone possibly be stupid enough to believe the tale that Shea was fed. It is incomprehensible. Hell, at least the ToGs of the world have all the perverted shit that Hollywood does to inspire their fevered dreams of secret societies and occult rituals. What's Shea's excuse?

Also, that is some nice smacking around of those leftist faggots AG. I must admit, it's a little shocking to see people argue that multiculturalism actually functions. Normally lefties just jump straight to "Well multiculturalism and genocide are the only two options." This is a ludicrous argument, but still better than defending multiculturalism as such.